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Cacino or did You Mean Casino

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cacino or did you mean casinoCacino or casino – The word “Cacino”, is an obvious mis-spelling of the word casino, Cacino or casino, however many people appear to be searching for this word when they are looking for casinos in their area.

This website is discussing casino promotions and Casino complimentary meals, rooms, and show tickets along with the companion website Las Vegas casino reviews.

Cacino or casino – Getting Comp’s

We tend to go to casinos once or twice a month for entertainment and enjoyment. They often have really great restaurants to eat at reasonable prices, and the drinks are much cheaper than comparable restaurants. In addition, they will have a variety of shows that you can take in along with your dining experience. Many people do not gamble however the casino is one place that you can go to enjoy an evening, have a few drinks, have a nice meal, and enjoy some entertainment.

The following are examples of casino promotions that are routinely provided by some of the better casinos. For example, free play is the offer of money by the casino that you can play in a slot machine. You cannot withdraw it but you can play with that money. Any winnings you get from the free play is yours to keep.

Cacino or casino – More comp’s

Another example of promotion is free rooms at a hotel attached to the casino. The rooms are usually priced around a hundred to $230 a night. However, depending on your play at the casino these rooms can be yours for free during the week or even on weekends at some point.

Most casinos have two or three or sometimes as many as 10 restaurants for the larger locations. All of your meals can be paid for based on how much you play at the slot machines. Some casinos will allow you to add points to your slot card as your play. These points can be used to pay for any meals that you may have. At other locations, they will ask you to charge only videos to your hotel room. Then the casino host will review your play and write off some food and possibly your room.

Some people prefer to go golfing or to see entertainment. these people can also receive these things for free based on the casino play.

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Online Casino Real Money

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online-casino-real-moneyThere are more and more online casinos becoming available all around the world. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar casino or an online version casinos can be exciting. Governments are also getting into the act because they want a proportion of the gambling revenue. There are sites that are offered from other countries to people who enjoy gambling online from the comfort of their homes.

There are so many opportunities to gamble online that the subject of online casino real money is an important one. Clients who plan to gamble online can do so with free money. Or they can actually send money from their bank account to the casino. They can gamble with actual real online casino money.

Online Casino Real Money – Gambling with Free Credit

In the case of gambling for free, people are playing with Casino credit. This is play money and does not in any way harm them from a financial perspective. They can play for as long as they wish with no worry about how much they lose or win. If you win a big jackpot it just pretends money and not something that you can actually spend on anything.

In situations where your gambling with real money, this is money that you’ve transferred from your bank account or credit card to the online casino and it is a much more serious thing. There’s a very real possibility that you could lose money and in fact, lose a great deal of money if you plan on transferring additional funds from your bank account. This is a huge concern for many consumers as well as governments who are concerned about people losing their life savings and all of their assets.

Consumers need to be really careful about gambling with online real money at a casino.

Social Element of Gambling

The other thing that we wonder about is what is the social element of gambling online at home all about. The writer loves to go to casinos and experience everything that a casino has to offer. This includes the shows, the restaurants, the various people who are in the casino, and when you win something other people celebrating with you that you’ve won a jackpot. It is much more interesting and much better entertainment value in a situation such as this. Online casino gambling is not something that we would encourage anyone to pursue other than when you’re gambling with play money.

There’s no harm in gambling with play money since there is no impact on you personally or your family. Keep everything in perspective when your family whether it is online or in a brick-and-mortar casino.

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Casino Promotions

November 2nd, 2013 ernie Posted in Promotions 1 Comment »

Casino PromotionsWe thought we start off with a list of the typical things that casinos hand out as comps in an effort to attract customers. As we indicated previously not all casinos will offer these comps so check them out when you visit and let us know. We will be updating and adding posts here from time to time about the comps and promotions we encounter. They also change with time, so what we place on this web site may not be always correct and up to date when you visit.

All comps assume you are using a slot card or have identified yourself to the pit boss if you are paying the tables. This is the only way they can keep track of your play and provide comps to you from time to time.

Standard List of Casino Promotions and Comps

These are not in any order of value or popularity.

  • Free or discounted drinks when playing at the tables or the slots
  • Adding free play to your slot card
  • Free meals at most restaurants
  • Free rooms on week nights or even on the weekend
  • Discounted rooms st what is called casino rate
  • Free WiFi
  • Free newspaper, although who reads a newspaper any more
  • Access is free to spa or at least to the pool and exercise rooms
  • Free tickets to shows and entertainment
  • Free passes for bridge tolls if applicable
  • Sometimes they even offer free gas
  • Free travel costs – gasoline, air, train etc
  • Senior discounts for meals, drinks and other items
  • Half price deals on just about everything
  • Free draws and ticket promotions
  • Random in your seat draws for money, meals or tickets to shows
  • Times points awards e.g. 5 times or 13 times the points you normally receive

As we come across added comps and promotions we will update this list, however if you are aware of some that we have missed, let us know and we will add them.

Why Collect these Points etc

Some people cannot be bothered with all of this and the need to carry and insert a slot card into a slot machine. They are more focused on what they win or lose. We believe that the comps are part of the winning side of things. A free room might be worth a $100 at some locations, meals worth $30 etc. This is the same as winning a small jackpot which you get to actually receive and enjoy. One always must be careful about how much they play and gamble, but it is a nice surprise to be given something that you were not expecting. Take advantage of these casino promotions whenever you can!


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