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Aquarius Free Rooms

Aquarius Free RoomsWe are staying again at the Aquarius hotel in Laughlin Nevada. They offered us three nights free based on our casino play. Aquarius Free Rooms! This was tracked on our slot card from the previous several trips. This is like winning a small jackpot. When you receive offers like this based on your play, take advantage of them. Because they can save you a significant amount of money. In our case room rates were
$50 a night, so a small jackpot of $150 is nothing to be ignored.

Aquarius Free Rooms – Multiple Offers

We seem to receive multiple offers every couple of months. Unfortunately we cannot take advantage of all of them based on the distance that we would have to travel to stay at the Aquarius hotel. However if you were someone who lives within three or 400 miles of Laughlin Nevada, this can make a really nice weekend trip or week day trip when you take advantage of these free offers. Since we travel a lot, we make sure that the offers are sent to us by email. You can also receive the offers by snail mail however they may not always get to you one time. In addition to receiving the Aquarius free rooms, you could also use the cash on your Slot card to pay for meals and also other incidentals that you may charge. Talk to your Slot host for more details.

Aquarius Free Rooms- Best Crab Legs

One of the things that we really enjoy at the Aquarius hotel in Laughlin Nevada is the buffet on Friday night. This is seafood night and they have a great deal of seafood available depending on what you like to eat. We happen to like the Alaskan King crab legs. They are hot ( some place serve them cold ), they are pre-cut so they are easy to break open and they taste absolutely great. We try to make sure that we are staying at the Aquarius on a Friday night so that we can dine on crab legs.

Even better, quite often we end up getting comp’d for the meal as well as the room. What a deal!

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