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The Best Online CasinosThe best online casinos are the ones that you win at. Unfortunately, it is believed that the online casinos which are mostly offshore, unregulated pay out the worst odds of all casinos including the traditional brick and mortar casinos. Sure it is convenient and comfortable to play your favorite slot machine or table game from home, but can you really win anything substantial from an online casino? We think not and it is just another way to be fleeced by someone sitting in another country and getting rich.

Best Online Casinos – Anecdotal Information

How many times have you played for free on an online casino using free chips they provided and won large jackpots? Probably many times. They always seem to be loose when you are playing for funny money or free play. But then you think, hey, I can do this with real money and make a killing on one of these online casinos. You decide to sign up, give them your credit card and now you are playing with real money, not free plan and it is your money. Before you know it, you hit a string of bad luck and suddenly your initial deposit is gone and they are asking for more. Do you pay more or not.

Frankly, I would not. We love to gamble, but in real casinos with people around us in casinos that are regulated and have a history or paying out more in either money or comps which brings us to the next topic.

Best Online Casinos – Promotions

In most cases all an online casino can do is  to give you free play. Which you can use in place of your own cash. This is money that you can actually win something with. But it usually goes pretty fast as well.

At least real brick and mortar casinos can provide you with the following comp’s depending on the amount that you actually play. Here is a brief list of promotions that a real casino can provide compared to the best online casinos:

  • Free Play
  • Free meals
  • Complimentary¬† hotel rooms
  • Free show tickets
  • Free bridge or toll passes
  • Gasoline for your car
  • Free prizes and awards
  • Free slot tournaments

and much more if you are a high roller. The above is a short list of what even the casual player can receive. It is something to think about when considering the best online casinos.

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