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Breakfast buffet Beau Rivage casino

February 7th, 2015 prrichar1 Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

Breakfast buffet Beau Rivage casinoBreakfast buffet Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi Mississippi are senior days. This is the day when seniors will receive both a breakfast buffet and a lunch buffet at half price. In addition they get two times points when they’re playing any slot machine other than poker keno machines. Points add up more quickly. They can be used for free meals, free rooms and other items that may be purchased with casino points.

Meals at half-price are a good deal for just about everybody. But any senior over 50 can take advantage of these prices. The buffet is excellent. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet and there were many items on the menu, and the quality was also excellent.

Breakfast Buffet Beau Rivage casino

We can specifically mention that the omelets cooked to order, along with ham prepared so that it is juicy and tender along with pancakes and maple syrup we’re really out of this world. Of course the meal also includes juice, coffee and tea or milk as requested.

The price of breakfast is $12.99 per person and on Wednesdays for seniors two can eat for the price of one. This is a really great deal and it is better than surrounding hotels such as the hard rock Hotel next-door. We had the buffet breakfast the previous morning at the Hard Rock Hotel and found that it did not measure up or even compare to the buffet at the Beau Rivage. There were few items available and it was over priced for what you received compared to other hotels like the Beau Rivage. We definitely would not recommend the Hard Rock for meals.

There is always a tendency to over eat when you go to a buffet. There are so many great choices and even if you only take a small amount of everything, your plate will be over flowing. Be selective and only take the items that you are really going to enjoy. Try to focus on relatively low calorie items such as fruit which is always plentiful and fresh.


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Beau Rivage coffee shop

January 31st, 2014 ernie Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

Beau Rivage coffee shop we are again staying at the Beau Rivage Casino and Hotel in Biloxi Mississippi. This is a really great place to spend a few days and enjoy the sun and sand as well as the casino and restaurants.

One of the things that we particularly enjoy is spending time at the coffee shop and having a bottomless cup of coffee. It can be Expensive if you only drink one cup of coffee, however if you hold on to your receipt and show your receipt to the coffee clerk, you can receive a free refill any time during the day. That’s right you can have as many cups of coffee as you wish. The three dollar coffee quickly becomes a one dollar coffee after having two refills.

Beau Rivage coffee shop – WiFi

Free WiFi is also provided throughout the hotel and casino as well as at the coffee shop. Many customers will bring their smart phones or iPad to read the news etc while enjoying a cup of coffee.

They also have great Sticky buns with walnuts and icing on them. While this may not be very nutritious, they are certainly delicious.

The coffee shop at the Beau Rivage casino is very comfortable. All of the tables have umbrellas, and there’s an open air feeling to the place. It is partially located in an atrium that gives natural light and the feeling that you’re almost outside.

The best part about this particular coffee shop is that it is non-smoking. You can smoke in the casino however you cannot smoke in the coffee shop or any of the restaurants. More and more casinos are getting the message that they need to control how much smoking is done in their buildings. The cost of cleaning and maintenance alone is tremendous and no one wants to deal with the continuous smell of secondhand smoke

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Beau Rivage Seafood Buffet

January 28th, 2014 ernie Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

Beau Rivage Seafood Buffet Friday night is seafood night at the Beau Rivage casino hotel in Biloxi Mississippi. The Beau Rivage seafood buffet has a price of $30, you can have all of the seafood that you like plus several glasses of wine, dessert coffee etc. This is a really great deal for anyone who loves seafood, crab legs etc

As shown in the picture, the crab legs are included as part of this meal. You can have as many crab legs or other types of seafood as you like. The only complaint that we have about the crab legs is that they are not precut or pre-cracked. Other than that the crab legs are fantastic. Some casinos also provide crab legs that are precut and precracked. So you have to work a little harder to obtain your favorite meal, but it is all worth it to sample this mouth watering delicacy.

Beau Rivage Seafood Buffet – Even More

In addition to crab legs, they also provide oysters, tilapia, salmon, shrimp, and many other different types of seafood. This is seafood night at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi Mississippi.

If you are not into seafood, there are many other different types of foods available. They include the standard fare Mexican, roast beef, turkey, mashed potatoes and Chinese food. There certainly something for everyone at this buffet and the price, while more expensive than many other casinos for seafood is pretty reasonable.

We almost forgot to mention, that $30 price includes wine or beer. You can have as many glasses of wine and although maybe not the best wine is certainly very drinkable. There are four choices of wine available for wine drinkers, including both white and red wines along with several choices of beer. Where can you go for a meal like this one for this price?


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Hardrock Casino & Hotel Biloxi

February 8th, 2013 ernie Posted in Biloxi 1 Comment »

Hardrock Casino and Hotel BiloxiThis is the Hardrock hotel and casino in Biloxi Mississippi. It has been rebuilt since Katrina and totally fits the brand. It is a smaller hotel as far as casino hotels go. However, they have all of the decors of a typical Hardrock Hotel and Casino you would find anywhere in the country.  There is of course the memorabilia store. Also, many representative rock and roll items are displayed around the hotel and the casino. They have some great restaurants and there is a 50’s diner just off the casino floor which is kind of neat to dine in. We had breakfast there and enjoyed it very much.

Hardrock Casino & Hotel Biloxi

They also have the famous guitar out front! It stands maybe 100 feet high and dominates the street.  All of the Hardrock Hotels have this guitar symbol out front to make sure that you do not miss it as you drive by.

20130208-150404.jpgThere is a nice pool at ground level. protected by barriers from the street and from the wind coming off the gulf. It is one of these pools where there is lots of cement and a few palm trees. Nothing really great to write about.

The casino is actually two floors above the ground to protect the casino from hurricane-driven waves crashing into the shore and the building. Katrina taught them this lesson and even then much of the hotel was damaged during that storm. The hotel and casino have been totally rebuilt and remodeled as a result.

Hardrock Hotel Memorabilia StoreThis picture below is typical of the decor throughout the hotel and there are lots of things that may interest visitors and tourists spending time at the hotel. We have yet to stay at this particular hotel. However, we have visited it several times. We would like to spend a few nights there to experience the full services that they offer. One of these days we will get there. Biloxi itself is a nice place to spend some time with sunny weather and beautiful beaches to stroll along. The beaches run for many miles with wide sandy areas to spend time on and relax in the sun.

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Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi

January 25th, 2013 ernie Posted in Biloxi 1 Comment »

Beau Rivage Casino BiloxiThis picture is taken from about one mile away while standing on a dock. The dock goes out into the water for about a thousand feet. The Beau Rivage has located in Biloxi Mississippi along the Gulf of Mexico. The Hardrock Hotel & Casino is next door and both hotels are modern and classy. We have only stayed at the Beau Rivage which we enjoy very much. It is based on the better hotels in Vegas. Although it is a bit smaller than most Vegas hotels, it is very nice. There is lots of marble and a huge atrium in the entrance area.

Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi – Sandy Beach

Heading west from the hotel there are miles and miles of sandy beach to walk along. This was taken in the middle of January with the temperature at around 22c or maybe 70f. Beautiful sunny day with light winds!  This area was devastated by Katrina a few years ago. Many people are concerned about going barefoot in the sand. We did not see any evidence of material left from Katrina, however, if you are concerned, wear protective rubber shoes to protect your feet.

It is a shame really because the beaches go on for miles and miles with shallow water that you can wade out into. The water is warm and the sand soft. What more could you want? The Biloxi area is a nice area to spend some time in if you are looking for sun, sand, and water!

Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi – Winters can be Cool

The area of Biloxi can be cool in the wintertime. We have been there when the temperatures have been near 80 degrees. At other times the temperature has been as low as freezing with ice and even snow. If you are vacationing in Biloxi in January and February, you are taking a chance. You could up with bad or cool weather during this time of year.

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