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Beau Rivage coffee shop

Beau Rivage coffee shop we are again staying at the Beau Rivage Casino and Hotel in Biloxi Mississippi. This is a really great place to spend a few days and enjoy the sun and sand as well as the casino and restaurants.

One of the things that we particularly enjoy is spending time at the coffee shop and having a bottomless cup of coffee. It can be Expensive if you only drink one cup of coffee, however if you hold on to your receipt and show your receipt to the coffee clerk, you can receive a free refill any time during the day. That’s right you can have as many cups of coffee as you wish. The three dollar coffee quickly becomes a one dollar coffee after having two refills.

Beau Rivage coffee shop – WiFi

Free WiFi is also provided throughout the hotel and casino as well as at the coffee shop. Many customers will bring their smart phones or iPad to read the news etc while enjoying a cup of coffee.

They also have great Sticky buns with walnuts and icing on them. While this may not be very nutritious, they are certainly delicious.

The coffee shop at the Beau Rivage casino is very comfortable. All of the tables have umbrellas, and there’s an open air feeling to the place. It is partially located in an atrium that gives natural light and the feeling that you’re almost outside.

The best part about this particular coffee shop is that it is non-smoking. You can smoke in the casino however you cannot smoke in the coffee shop or any of the restaurants. More and more casinos are getting the message that they need to control how much smoking is done in their buildings. The cost of cleaning and maintenance alone is tremendous and no one wants to deal with the continuous smell of secondhand smoke

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