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Beau Rivage Casino Buffet

January 25th, 2013 ernie Posted in Biloxi 1 Comment »

Beau Rivage Casino Buffet RestaurantWe just had dinner at the seafood buffet put on by the Beau Rivage casino on Friday nights. At $29.99, it is a good deal with all the crab legs you can eat plus everything else! We enjoyed it very much , the food was great and so was the service. Most of the casino buffets are pretty good with lots of choice and really well prepared food. Some are better than others based on presentation, the decor of the buffet area and the area where you sit to enjoy your food.  The buffet at the Beau Rivage is definitely pretty good in all of these areas, however read on for more specific comments.

Beau Rivage Casino Buffet

This picture is not the best that could have been taken. However it shows the restaurant and the front of the actual Beau Rivage Casino buffet. It was a little pricey, not something you do every day, but well worth the money. We had crab legs of course, seafood gumbo, salad, various other foods from the sea and desert and coffee. There was all of the other standard foods as well that you see st these buffets. As usual we ate far too much food and although we enjoy buffets we really should stay away from them. They are just too tempting with all of that great food.

If you are staying at this hotel, a trip to the buffet is well worth the price. Try to be at the hotel when they are offering their seafood special. It will be more expensive than the buffet on other days, but it is well worth the price. the entire hotel is a really nice place to spend a few days. Take in the pool on the 3rd floor over looking the gulf. Enjoy drinks at one of the many bars and relax over a beautiful dinner.

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Entrance to the Beau Rivage Casino

January 25th, 2013 ernie Posted in Biloxi No Comments »

Beau Rivage CasinoThis is the main entrance to the Beau Rivage Hotel and the casino located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Beautiful grounds that are well kept and very pleasant to walk around. The only negative about these grounds is that they are usually in the shade. Until later in the spring when the sun has moved further north and temperatures warm up. We stayed at this hotel in mid January. We were fortunate to find sunny skies with warm temperatures. The hotel is located along the gulf of Mexico along the shore with a 3rd floor swimming pool on th south side looking out over the Gulf of Mexico.

The Beau Rivage is part of the MGM Resorts group and that means that your M-Life card works here as well and so do the comp’s that you may be eligible for.  We were fortunate and receive one night free and the other night at the casino rate which saved us a lot of money. The drinks are free while you are gambling as usual and they have several very nice restaurants that serve really great food in their restaurant and their buffet.

Beau Rivage Casino – Elegant

This hotel although smaller than the Las Vegas hotels has all of the elegance of these hotels. Marble floors, high ceilings, very clean and nicely decorated. We like visiting this hotel for it’s ambiance and for the area that it is in. We enjoy walking along the beach which has lots of sand and really is a beautiful place to spend time when the weather is great. Unfortunately some buildings along the coast still show the effects of hurricane Katrina. Some are being rebuilt and many still have not been reconstructed.

They still allow smoking, but at least there is lots of air movement so that you do not notice the smoke as much unless someone is smoking a cigar. Why they still allow smoking in these casinos who knows. The cost of cleaning and the cost of dealing with repairs caused by the buildup of ashes and nicotine is monumental.

There are more and more non smoking areas. Even with these areas the smoke drifts around especially when someone is smoking a cigar. These people are really ignorant and should never be allowed to smoke inside a building.


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Beau Rivage Hotel Pool

January 24th, 2013 ernie Posted in Biloxi 1 Comment »

Beau Rivage Hotel Casino PoolCan you imagine being at this pool? Overlooking the Golf of Mexico and enjoying the sun! This pool is on the third floor of the hotel  ath the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi with a large gym to work out in as well. There is a bar and restaurant at the pool area. We took this particular picture in the middle of January during a time when the weather was a little colder than it normally is. In warm weather the pool would be crowded, the bar is open and music is blasting out. You can also eat on the pool level  on sunny warm days.

Beau Rivage Hotel  – Spa

The spa and gym are also on the third floor facing out on to the pool. The treadmills in the gym even have their own personal TV’s  for each machine which you can tune to your channel and listen to as long as you have ear buds. If you are a guest at the hotel, hotel patrons can use the gym. The Spa will cost extra. We found that the gym and the spa were really not used that much. People just like to spend time at the pool or in the casino, rather than work out in the gym. Can’t say I blame them.

Beau Rivage Hotel – Restaurants

The service is great, the food is excellent and the portions are large. We enjoy staying at this hotel and will come back again. We ate at both the restaurant as well as the buffet. The buffet was a bit expensive for the food that was served. This was a sea food night with crab legs and the crab legs just did not measure up for us. However all in all, this is a great place to spend a few days and be on the ocean.

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Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi

February 7th, 2011 ernie Posted in Biloxi 3 Comments »

Beau Rivage Casino BiloxiWe just finished staying at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi Mississippi for two nights and have to report that it is just as nice as it always has been. Unfortunately for us the weather was a bit on the cool side so we could not use the pool. However we did have a great view of the ocean from our room on the 18th floor. To look at the original review of the Beau Rivage casino, click on the link in bold.

They have rearranged some of the slot machines around as most casinos do from time to time. Of course they still had all of our favorites. There are more penny and nickel machines, however their casino floor is large enough they can accommodate slot machines of all types and denominations. We ate in the cafe and enjoyed a really nice meal as well as had our coffee in the coffee shop, called the Roasted Bean. For those of you over 50, Wednesdays are seniors day which means you get double points and you can eat at the buffet for half price for breakfast as well as lunch. Sorry dinner is the regular price.

Beau Rivage Bloody Mary’s

They still also have fantastic seasoned bloody Marys, with olives and okra in the drinks. I can only handle about two of them, but they are excellent and everyone should try them at least once.

The MGM chain, which the Beau Rivage is part of, recently updated their casino slot card membership system. It is now called “MLife”, with new cards and a couple of new benefits which we like. The card still lists all of the properties with individual phone numbers that are hard to see because they are so small and they are color coded depending on the level of play.

Express Comps at the Beau Rivage

One of the new features is the addition of express comps, which show on the screen on the slot machine so you can monitor how much you have to spend on food in the restaurants. Express comps can only be used in restaurants in any MGM family casino. You do not have to see the slot host. Just go to the cash when it is time to pay and present your MLife card and they will deduct what they need from your express comp balance. This is a nice new feature.

We also like the Roasted Bean and have included a  brief review of the Roasted Bean. Hope you enjoy it.

Coffee at the Roasted Bean

Coffee at the Roasted Bean at the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi! Fresh coffee under a glass canopy with shrubs and trees around you, background music and free WiFi. Wait it gets better, although the first coffee is expensive, as long as you have your receipt, all of your refills are free for the rest of the day! For a large coffee you are going to pay $3.85, which is one of the most expensive around, surpassing even Starbucks. However all you need to do is show your receipt and you can get a free refill any time that day. So if you are a coffee lover, then after even a 2nd cup of coffee you are starting to get to a reasonable price for coffee.

The Roasted Bean coffee shop is better than any coffee shop we have been in, including Starbucks! Muted earth tones decor, open to the atrium above, it is an enjoyable place to sit and savor your morning coffee. It can get a bit crowded at times, especially if the hotel is full, however most people only stay for a few minutes and they are on to their conference, the pool or to the casino.

Seating Arrangements

All of the chairs are padded and they have invested in easy to clean marble tables. None of these short stay uncomfortable non cushion chairs make you want to leave. And the place is clean, which says a lot about the management.

On nice warm days in Biloxi, you can also go outside. Enjoy the warm air on the patio while you enjoy your coffee. The Roasted Bean has solid tables and chairs with umbrellas for patrons to sit and enjoy their coffee! All in all the Roasted Bean coffee shop is one that we enjoy going back to! This is one of the features that keeps us coming back to the Beau Rivage Casino and Hotel.

The only negative thing about the Roasted Bean coffee place is that there are not enough wall plugs to plug-in your computer. I could only find two. I guess they really do not want you to stay too long working on your computer.

Informative comments are appreciated especially those that will help our readers with their travel planning. If you need additional information about general travel planning, click here.

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Beau Rivage Biloxi

January 15th, 2010 ernie Posted in Biloxi 7 Comments »

The Beau Rivage in Biloxi Mississippi is another hotel and casino that we enjoy visiting. A member of the MGM group of casinos, your MGM Mirage card, Mlife, will work in the slots machines in their casino and you may also arrange for comp’s as well depending on your play level. As with all hotel reservations, always call your casino host to make arrangements for room reservations and get the best deal you can.

Beau Rivage BiloxiThis hotel is the most modern of all of the hotels in the Biloxi area that we saw.  Hurricane Katrina did a lot of damage to the Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino and it was closed for almost a year while repairs were underway. The result is a brand new casino, hotel and restaurant complex. If you visited the hotel prior to Katrina, you will see the same basic structure, however everything is brand new and updated.

There is a great selection of restaurants to chose from. We particularly like the Roasted Bean with it’s great coffee , open air patio area and you can also sit outside as well to enjoy your fresh coffee. The Roasted Bean also offers free refills as long as you have your receipt within a 24 hour period. Nice way to start the day away from the hustle and bustle of the casino.

Beau Rivage Biloxi

The Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino stands by itself on the gulf coast. There are other casinos in the area and over time we will add them to our review list. The point is that if you want to make the rounds to the other casinos in the area, you will need to take your car to get to them. There is also a shuttle bus that runs to the other casinos, although we have not use it.

Along the coast you can still see the damage caused by hurricane Katrina. Vacant lots, cement slabs without houses, denuded trees ( they are growing back) and the odd building still boarded up and not yet torn down or repaired.  Inland about half a mile life returns to normal and close to I10 there are many stores and outlets that you would find in most cities.

Sandy Beach

Their is a fantastic sand beach which goes on for miles. We saw a few people along the beach and hardly anyone in the water . This is not what we expected. We talked to some locals about this. They told us no one really wants to swim here because of the memories and the material that was floating in the water, some of which is still in the sand. If you are planning to go to Biloxi for the beaches, you may want to reconsider. Enjoy the casinos and the restaurants, go deep sea fishing or take an excursion into the gulf.

The Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino is one of our favorite hotels and we intend on returning every year.

Beau Rivage 3rd floor poolThe Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino is one of our favorite hotels to stay at. We enjoy the casino, but the 3rd floor pool is special. Protected from the wind, overlooking the gulf, the pool area and spa is an excellent spot to unwind, get some sun and relax. Guests must show a room key to use the spa and the exercise area. There are lots of lounge chairs and towels are located at the entrance to the pool area. There are also tennis courts, however we did not access this area. Don’t miss the pool if you are staying at the Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino.

Beau Rivage Biloxi – Restaurants

  • BR Prime – excellent restaurant and steakhouse
  • Jia – Looking for Pan Asian food? Enjoy the Jia’s sophisticated exotic cuisine
  • The Buffet  – excellent variety and quality. Sit along the windows and enjoy the view or find a more intimate location
  • Terrace Cafe – Round the clock for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night dining
  • Memphis Q – Celebrate the blusey culture of the Mississippi river delta
  • Coast Restaurant – Enjoy pizza’s and juicy burgers
  • Snacks – fast and fresh just a few steps from the casino games
  • Roasted bean – Gourmet coffee, teas and pastries, free refills with receipts
  • Scoops – Frozen treats, ice cream and more for all ages
  • Pool Bar – Enjoy mixed drinks and snacks while lounging around the pool bar
  • Bars & Lounges – Enjoy Eight75, the Coast Nightclub, or the Breeze Bar

What We Liked

  • Variety of slot machines
  • Free drinks while gambling
  • Free entertainment at the bar located in the casino
  • Buffet
  • Pool area and spa free to hotel guests on the 3rd level over looking the gulf
  • Hotel rates are very reasonable
  • Covered garage parking
  • Easy access from all highways
  • Safe environment in the casino, hotel and parking areas
  • Great stopover point on your way to Biloxi or points west
  • Coffee shop offers free refills as long as you have your receipt
  • They also offer free WiFi

What We Did Not Like

There are no real complaints about the Beau Rivage hotel & casino

It is a 5 star hotel in our estimation and quite adequate for our needs

Slot Player Card

They are part of the MGM Mirage slot players card system. Slot members can take advantage of benefits at many Las Vegas hotels,  as well as sister hotels in Tunica, Biloxi, Laughlin and Reno.

If you have not taken advantage of slot player cards, there are a number of benefits that many slot players should consider. Free or discounted rooms, email mailing list of promotions, free or discounted meals, access to entertainment, and a tax report outlining your losses and wins for tax claim purposes.

Beau Rivage Biloxi Parking

There is ample parking at the Beau Rivage hotel & casino in a large parking garage beside the hotel. There is no surface parking that we observed. You can access the hotel from the garage via an elevator from all levels. The parking garage is also patrolled on a regular basis and it also protects your car from the weather.

Beau Rivage Biloxi Directions:

The Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino is located on the Mississippi gulf coast , one hour drive from New Orleans, Louisiana from the west and one hour drive from Mobile, Alabama to the east.  From route I10, head south to Biloxi and follow the signs for the Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino. It is the last exit at the end of the highway.

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