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Hardrock Casino & Hotel Biloxi

Hardrock Casino and Hotel BiloxiThis is the Hardrock hotel and casino in Biloxi Mississippi. It has been rebuilt since Katrina and totally fits the brand. It is a smaller hotel as far as casino hotels go. However, they have all of the decors of a typical Hardrock Hotel and Casino you would find anywhere in the country.  There is of course the memorabilia store. Also, many representative rock and roll items are displayed around the hotel and the casino. They have some great restaurants and there is a 50’s diner just off the casino floor which is kind of neat to dine in. We had breakfast there and enjoyed it very much.

Hardrock Casino & Hotel Biloxi

They also have the famous guitar out front! It stands maybe 100 feet high and dominates the street.  All of the Hardrock Hotels have this guitar symbol out front to make sure that you do not miss it as you drive by.

20130208-150404.jpgThere is a nice pool at ground level. protected by barriers from the street and from the wind coming off the gulf. It is one of these pools where there is lots of cement and a few palm trees. Nothing really great to write about.

The casino is actually two floors above the ground to protect the casino from hurricane-driven waves crashing into the shore and the building. Katrina taught them this lesson and even then much of the hotel was damaged during that storm. The hotel and casino have been totally rebuilt and remodeled as a result.

Hardrock Hotel Memorabilia StoreThis picture below is typical of the decor throughout the hotel and there are lots of things that may interest visitors and tourists spending time at the hotel. We have yet to stay at this particular hotel. However, we have visited it several times. We would like to spend a few nights there to experience the full services that they offer. One of these days we will get there. Biloxi itself is a nice place to spend some time with sunny weather and beautiful beaches to stroll along. The beaches run for many miles with wide sandy areas to spend time on and relax in the sun.

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  1. thanks for this post about the hardrock hotel in Biloxi.We did not know about the biloxi are and now plan to spend some time there this spring.

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