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Online GamblersThis site is really about the old style of casinos and the hotels that go along with them and not so much about sites for Online Gamblers. We have visited many of these casino hotels over the years and have first-hand knowledge about the hotels, the casino, the rooms, the restaurants, and of course the comps. We have not reviewed many of the online gambling sites and yet more and more people are playing various games online. Everything from poker to various slot machines can be played on a virtual basis of course for free or for real money.

I guess we are from the old school. We prefer to play at a casino rather than online. We like the ambiance, and the people around us most of the time. Also the offers of free rooms and meals. We also like to get out and see the sites that are usually associated with casinos and hotels. We like the big places such as Tunica, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. Smaller casinos and casinos that are off by themselves do not offer many complimentary benefits to customers. They just do not have the competition and so why should they make huge offers of rooms and meals? It all depends on the competition.

Casinos run by local governments are among the worst when it comes to comps and payouts from their slot machines. We try to stay away from these as well. You may wonder why we are spending so much time talking about brick-and-mortar casinos when the subject of this post is Online Gamblers.

Online Gamblers vs. Casino Gamblers

Well, the answer is that when anyone writes an opinion about something, it is sometimes helpful to understand their point of view.  From a preliminary look, the online gambler is missing out on a lot of benefits that are just not available to people who visit regular casinos. Here is a brief list of what we consider are advantages that the online gambler might be missing out on:

  • Complimentary free rooms at casino hotels
  • Free meals at casino hotels
  • Complimentary free shows at casino hotels
  • Free play varies a great deal by the casino and probably for online gamblers as well
  • Express comp’s for slot players to be used for meals as well as merchandise
  • The glitter and excitement of a casino
  • Free drinks at many casinos while you are gambling
  • A variety of extras that depend on the level of gambler you are

When you take all of this into account, why would you want to waste time playing online? The odds of winning are thought to be less than the traditional casinos. Although we have never seen any proof of that either way. Sure it can be more convenient and possibly more comfortable to gamble online from your home. But we just think that online gamblers are missing out on a lot of experiences.

Online Comp’s

Now we have heard of people who gamble online to qualify for one of the major Texas Holdem tournaments. We even know of one person who did this after spending many hours playing and qualifying for a satellite tournament and them winning the tournament. But I guess for us we like the ambiance of a real casino and will forgo the online gaming experience at this time.

We appreciate comments from our readers as long as they are informative and will assist other readers. We will even approve links to your own site as long as there is a good constructive and helpful comment about this post.  You do not need to agree with us about online gambling, just make a well-written comment giving your point of view.

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