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Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi

Beau Rivage Casino BiloxiThis picture is taken from about one mile away while standing on a dock. The dock goes out into the water for about a thousand feet.The Beau Rivage is located in Biloxi Mississippi along the Golf of Mexico. The Hardrock Hotel & casino  is next door and both hotels are modern and classy. We have only stayed at the Beau Rivage which we enjoy very much. It is based on the better hotels in Vegas. Although it is a bit smaller than most Vegas hotels, it is very nice. There is lots of marble and a huge atrium in the entrance area.

Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi – Sandy Beach

Heading west from the hotel there are miles and miles of sandy beach to walk along. This was taken in the middle of January with the temperature at around 22c or maybe 70f . Beautiful sunny day with light winds!  This area was devastated by Katrina a few years a go. Many people are concerned about going barefoot in the sand. We did not see any evidence of material left from Katrina, however if you are concerned, wear protective rubber shoes to protect your feet.

It is a shame really because the beaches go on for miles and miles with shallow water that you can wade out into. The water is warm and the sand soft. What more could you want. The Biloxi area is a nice area to spend some time in if you are looking for sun, sand and water!

Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi – Winters can be Cool

The area of Biloxi can be cool in the winter time. We have been there when the temperatures have been near 80 degrees. At other times the temperature has been as low as freezing with ice and even snow. If you are vacationing in Biloxi in January and February, you are taking a chance. You could up with bad or cool weather during this time of year.

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  1. what a great picture of the ocean and the casino? was this taken from a boat?

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