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Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker StrategyPlayers of video poker machines are always trying to figure out the best video poker strategy. We get questions from various readers on the best approach in various situations. Should they hold a winning hand like the one in the picture or to try for the royal flush. This player has a straight which is paying  hand in all of the various video poker games. It is also one card off of a royal flush. Should he take the straight or go for the royal flush? The answer is a lot more complex than one would first think. What is the best video poker strategy?

Video Poker Strategy

In this particular game of Jacks are Better, a straight pays 20 credits, where as a royal flush pays 4000 credits. A conservative player will always go for the paying hand knowing that a royal flush has a an average of just once per 178,365 hands.  Another player who is more interested in taking a chance and getting a big payoff will go with a shot at the royal flush.

There are many outs in this situation, which could mean it might not be a total loss, if he does not pull the 10 of hearts which would make a royal flush. Here is a list of the possible outs or other winning hands:

  • There are 2 outs for another straight, non royal Flush
  • There are 12 outs for a pair which would only pay 5 credits, but at least there is a possible win
  • And there are 8 outs for a flush which pays 30 credits, not counting the royal flush

With 22 possible wins, going for the Royal Flush is not such a risky bet after all. Although you might not win anything there is still a chance of winning something if the royal flush is not completed. We always go for the royal flush in this situation.


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