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Las Vegas Mirage nighttime 

Las Vegas Mirage nighttime Las Vegas Mirage nighttime show looking at the volcano just before it erupts. Watch the show from in front of the sidewalk at night or from across the street. Both locations are excellent. You can feel the heat from the volcano in both locations. However, you can get more of a perspective of the entire volcano in front of the hotel when you are across the street. Most importantly the volcano erupts every 30 minutes with flames, spouting geysers, etc. But sometimes the show is canceled if winds are high. They do not want to risk damage to the display or danger to the people watching from the sidewalk which is actually quite close to the flames.

Las Vegas Mirage nighttime

There are lots of people standing around watching the show. Hold onto your kids, your purses, and your wallets. With the crowds of people, you never know what can happen.

Walk along the strip at night from in front of the Bellagio all of the ways down to TI. Lots of people to watch along the strip especially in front of the Flamingo and Harrahs. Some people are really weird along with others that are dressed as various characters. They want to have their picture taken with you for a price of course. Lots of buskers and impersonators who want to be paid for their picture.

Be careful, most people are average nice people but some are not.


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