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Las Vegas Strip at Night

Las Vegas Strip at NightThe Las Vegas strip at night taken from the Wynn hotel on the 36th floor looking south towards Treasure Island or TI and the Mirage casino. What a picture of the strip at night with all of the lights and glitz of the Las Vegas strip. We enjoy staying at the Wynn hotel. It is clean, it is glamorous and the service is impeccable. Although it is expensive to stay there, it is definitely worth the money.

Always obtain a free slot card and use it whenever you are playing the slots or the tables. You never know when they will send you a free offer of a room, free play or a free meal.

Las Vegas Strip at Night

Great views of the volcano at the Mirage casino which erupts at night! Most nights the volcano erupts every half hour unless the winds are too high. If they are too high it is cancelled and you probably do not want to be walking on the strip anyway.

We walked past Harrahs, Imperial and Flamingo casinos. There were lots of people out strolling, checking out the sights and listening to the music from some of the casinos as well as just people watching. Lots of buskers and imitation people were also out trying to make a buck – Elvis, Michael Jackson, and more. You need to pay if you want your picture taken with them. Some are pretty good , although most are poor imitations of the famous people they are trying to copy.

Also topless girls wearing pasties are available for pictures! This is a look at the underside of Las Vegas, however it you stick with the better hotels, you can enjoy all of the glitz and high class service that Vegas has to offer. There is none of this sort of thing around the Wynn or the Bellagio for example.

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