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Progressive Video Slot Machines

Progressive Video Slot MachinesWe would all like to win on one of the progressive video slot machines that populate many casinos. A win like this even after paying taxes would set us up for life. It would make a huge difference for ourselves and our families. But just how often are they won and is there really a chance to actually win a progressive video slot machines payout? The answer is yes of course.

We hear about people winning all of the time, however you must remember that the casinos love to advertise the payouts. they make a lot of money on these machines because they have all of the stats figured out and they will make far more money on these slots than some of the others. Still it can be exciting to just play and dream about these kinds of wins. This is part of the entertainment when you go to the casino. There are various types of progressive slot machines .

Progressive Video Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines come in three forms.

Stand Alone Progressive can have a fixed-top jackpot. On these machines, a specified percentage of the coins played is added to the award for the highest winning combination.

Proprietary Progressives. These are an in-house group of machines that are owned and operated by the casino. They are linked together.

Wide Area Progressives. These machines are linked together from multiple unrelated casinos. Think MegaBucks and Quartermania. With these progressives, the casino shares in a percentage of the winnings, but here, IGT owns the games. That sizable progressive jackpot is established by taking a certain percentage of all monies played on the machines from throughout the network, with the jackpot continually climbing as more players play the machines.

Using a $1 Megabucks machine as an example, these progressives return approximately 87 percent back to players compared to a standard $1 slot that returns roughly 94 percent. That 7 percent loss in your long-term return is tied up in a jackpot that you have little chance of hitting.

Our recommendation,  is to NOT make playing progressives the mainstay of your casino play. Your expectations when playing these machines is similar to hitting a lottery ticket.

Play a small percentage of your playing bankroll, and recognize that the true entertainment value is that of fantasizing about champagne wishes and caviar dreams, and not necessarily winning.

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