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Update Akwesasne Casino Hotel

Akwesasne Casino HotelWe visited the new Akwesasne Casino Hotel and Casino on May 28th for the first time in 5 months. This was the first time for us since the hotel portion of the reconstruction of the casino was completed.  This is now a modern casino and hotel that rivals many other casino hotels in the state. We spoke to several people about how they liked the new hotel and they mentioned a few things we thought might be of interest to our readers. Basically everyone loves the new hotel and the convenience of staying at the casino hotel.

Everything is new of course and this is always a great time to visit a hotel. Our visit was during the week when it would be normally a slower time for the hotel, however the hotel was sold out and there was a bus load of people arriving as we entered the casino. All of these people were staying at the new hotel. It is also rumored that the Comfort Inn, next door which is also very nice was sold out as well.

The Comfort Inn has a no smoking rule for all of their rooms. We do not know what the policy is for the new hotel, although they do allow smoking in the casino including cigars which is a huge negative for us and many other people. These new pristine rooms will be quickly ruined if they allow smoking in the rooms.

Akwesasne Casino Hotel – Pool

There is also a very nice pool facing south so the room will be kept warm by the afternoon sun and be in full sun even in the winter time. It is large and bright with lots of windows. The lobby is just off the main entrance of the casino making it easy for everyone to find and check in.

Unfortunately the elevators are down a long hall from the check in counter. It is a bit of a walk. But the hallway has a rich thick carpet on the floor which is a bit of a drag for anyone pulling a heavy suitcase. We mention this since most of their clientele are older seniors. They sometimes just do not have the strength to pull their suitcases over a carpet. Marble is far better for this purpose.  The pool is just off the elevators making it convenient for anyone who wants to go swimming.

There are multiple choices for dining at this complex. You can choose the Native Harvest Buffet, a Sports Bar, a fast food court or a full top of the line restaurant. There are also several bars and drinks are still very inexpensive as well. This is a nice place to spend one or two days enjoying the ambiance of the hotel. Of course also doing a little gambling at the slot machines or the tables. They have a full complement of all of the popular slot machines  and a new bingo hall as well.

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