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Akwesasane Casino Cell Phone Coverage

Akwesasne CasinoCell phone coverage at the Akwesasne casino for AT&T services is not very good. Our cell phones virtually did not receive any signal whatsoever while we are in the casino. When we went outside the casino our coverage was normal. We had five bars but inside the casino there was zero bars of coverage. We could not make phone calls at all. There may have been a few locations in the casino where we may have received one bar of service, however we did not do a full coverage test at this location since we were so frustrated in trying to make a call.

Akwesasane Casino – Reported the Cell coverage Problem

I spoke to several managers at the casino and none of them were very interested in doing anything about it. They said that we should just get another cell phone carrier. Or we should walk outside and user cell phones. When I said to them that the customer service for the casino was not very good and that they really did not want us going outside the casino they seemed to get it and they said that they would talk to the management about it. However they might have just been saying that to appease me.

It is interesting that the casino has just updated the casino and the hotel, updated to the buffet, and added many more machines,. However they have not thought about improving the cell phone coverage within their building. This is something that they should tackle and most casinos around the country have in fact made sure that all carriers signals will work within their casinos so that people do not have to leave the building. Anytime a customer leaves the casino, this is potential revenue that they will be missing.

Since this post was written in June of 2013, they have taken steps to improve the service by installing repeaters throughout the casino. Much better service now. For more posts about this casino, click here.


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