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Mirage Hotel & Casino Review

The Mirage Hotel & Casino is one of the most beautiful and elegant hotels in Las Vegas. We have stayed at the Mirage many times and can attest to this being one of the best hotels. We have found that it has declined a small amount since MGM took over the hotel from Steve Wynn. It is still one of the greats, however being longer term patrons we notice the difference. This post is our Mirage Hotel Casino Review.

Mirage Hotel Casino ReviewAs you enter the Mirage Hotel Casino property from the strip you are greeted by a beautiful lush tropical waterfall and volcano.  The volcano erupts during the evening, once it gets dark and entertains strollers along the strip. Occasionally the volcano will be out of service due to weather or maintenance.  If you are standing across the street,( 4 lanes plus a boulevard) you can actually feel the heat from the flame erupting out of the top of this man made volcano and running down the sides.

Mirage Hotel Casino Review

The senses continue to be stimulated as you enter the hotel with a huge aquarium behind the front desk and lush tropical gardens. The hotel provides excellent service and is a full service hotel with all of the services that anyone could require. This hotel is at least a 4 star if not a 5 star hotel.  These include of course the casino, restaurants, fine dining, coffee shops, gorgeous pool, shops, conference facilities, and ample parking. With the exception of the casino, which is all carpet, the hotel is marble throughout.

The Mirage hotel and casino has recently updated the casino and other parts of the hotel. In 2009 when we were there they had completed remodeling  Kokomos from a tropical environment to a more contemporary design, however the menu is the same with great food.

The bars, the high roller area and the entrance to the theater had also been changed. All of these changes are meant to attract a more hip crowd to the Mirage hotel . The rooms have also been updated, cleaned up with new furniture and flat screen TV’s.

If you have not visited Las Vegas in some time, you should  note that the former white tiger area is no longer available and has been replaced with a brand new restaurant. Siegfreed and Roy used to entertain at the Mirage and their white tigers were always the center of attraction.

It looks great, however we have not dined in this restaurant. The Mirage is beside Treasure Island and Caesars. Harrahs and the Venetian are directly across the street making this location a prime place to stay in the middle of all of the action. These four hotels alone comprise over 15,000 rooms between them. We follow with more details about our Mirage Hotel Casino Review.

Major Points of Interest

If you are just passing through the hotel, you will want to take a moment to see the following areas of the Mirage Hotel & Casino. Some are fun and the kids will enjoy them as well.

  • Aquarium behind the front desk
  • Lush tropical gardens
  • Tropical pool and water falls
  • Dolphin Habitat – small charge, but worth it
  • Volcano erupts at night and is a must see item on your list
  • Any of the restaurants from the coffee shop to the high end restaurants. You will not be disappointed by the quality of the food or the service.

What We Liked

These are some of the items or areas that we liked about the Mirage Hotel & Casino.

  • California Pizza Kitchen is in the casino and you can also keep an eye on the sports deck or just watch folks play the slots or poker while dining. Excellent food.
  • Kokomos restaurant is our favorite at the Mirage and although there are other equally great restaurants, we have always enjoyed excellent steaks and seafood at Kokomos
  • The pool, with the waterfalls , lush palm trees and tropical gardens has to be seen. You can dine for breakfast or lunch outside by the pool or in the poolside restaurant. You also have to have a room key to enter the pool area that is registered with the hotel.
  • Tropical Gardens are everywhere and if you enjoy botanical gardens, the Mirage maintains all of these at their best.
  • Very Clean everywhere in the Hotel & Casino
  • Always great service
  • Coffee Shop
  • Friendly service
  • Security – at first it is a little annoying, however everyone must show their room key before entering the elevator banks. Anyone who is determined could get past, but at least it stops people from just wandering around.

What We Don’t Like

These are some of the items or areas that we did not like about the Mirage Hotel & Casino.

  • The hotel elevators are accessed by walking through the casino. Sometimes you just want to go to your room without walking through crowds of people in the casino. Many casinos have employed this technique to wring a few more dollars out of customers.
  • Pool restaurant should open at 9 am instead of 10am
  • Pool music can be too loud at times.


There is lots of parking at the Mirage with a large parking garage as well as valle parking. Pull up to the front doors and drop off your keys and your luggage and everything is taken care of for you. Patrons can also park in the parking garage and roll their bags to the front desk. It is a bit of a walk, but you should get used to it since you will be walking a great deal in Vegas. There are lots of bell hops around once you enter the hotel from the garage who can help you with your bags. They will take them to your room once you check in and also pick them up for you when you check out should you need that service.

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