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Pool Closed at the Mirage Casino

This is a news alert for anyone planning to go to Vegas and stay at the Mirage Casino and Hotel in Jan and Feb of 2016. Pool Closed at the Mirage Casino. It is usually closed for major maintenance at this time of year. We suggest that you check with the front desk before making reservations during the winter months if you want to use the pool area.

Pool Closed at the Mirage CasinoSometimes it is closed for maintenance. The water has been drained and it looks like the bottom and the sides of the pool are being redone. It can be very disappointing if you want to use the pool during this time.

Checking the Mirage web site did not show any indication that the pool will be closed. Nor any update as to what is planned for the pool. We are never sure if the pool is being repaired or if the MGM group will be making major changes to the pool area. For any that have been there, you will recall that it was always a great place to be with lots of sun all afternoon, waterfalls and bridges. A great place to spend the day working on your suntan.

Annual Maintenance

The Mirage hotel routinely uses Jan to perform regular maintenance on the pool. The weather is usually cooler and the pool is not heated so it is a good time to perform this maintenance, however, the least they could do is let people know that it is closed before they book their trips. It would be a big disappointment if you were planning to soak up some sun on warm January days. Right now you cannot even go out on the pool deck due to all of the workman and the noise.

For more information about the Mirage Hotel and Casino, click here.

We are staying at the Mirage hotel for two nights at the end of Jan comp’d by the hotel. We have not stayed here for a few years, preferring to stay at the Wynn or the Bellagio hotels. I guess it is a slow time for them and they wanted to get us back to spend a few dollars. For those of you who are not aware, using a slot card at a hotel will usually get you free meals and free nights. However, if you stop gambling at a hotel, sometimes they will invite you back, give you some free stuff, etc. to get you coming back to their casino. We used to stay here all the time and then stopped.

Well, we are fortunate to be able to take advantage of this offer this year as we are on our way to California.

Updates at the Mirage

The Mirage is very nice and has been updated in recent years to be more contemporary. We like bright airy places and the casino is now darker than it used to be. It still has the beautiful fish tank behind the reception desk. Also he tropical waterfall at the entrance to the casino and classy bars and restaurants.

Our room has also been updated with new furniture and designs. Gone are the boxy clothes drawers. They have been replaced by a sleek glass and wood wall that encompasses the flat-screen TV. There is a desk for those of us that feel the need to work while we are on vacation. Also for road warriors to keep up with the email back at the office.

Speaking of email, one of the things that the MGM group has started in Vegas and Atlantic City is a resort fee. They now charge from $15 to $35 per night for access to the internet, newspaper and the gym. There is no choice in this, even if you do not use these features. Apparently Harrahs also does this as well. Most of us cannot exist without the internet these days. However, there are also so many free sites around that we do not need to pay for the service.

As of this writing, we do not think that Wynn is levying this daily charge.

Comments are appreciated.

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  1. this is an old post, the pool at the Mirage casino and hotel is now open , although they may close it for maintenance again sometime soon after new years. The Mirage hotel is a great place to stay

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