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Mirage Casino – Las Vegas

Mirage Casino - Las VegasThis picture shows the Mirage hotel at night from across the street in front of the Venetian. The Mirage Casino – Las Vegas is a beautiful site and has a volcano that erupts at night! In the picture, you can see the waterfall on the left of the picture. This is the location where the flames erupt into the air. You can actually feel the heat from the volcano when it erupts. Even from across the street which is over 200 feet away at least. The flames erupt into the air as well as run down the sides of the mountain and into the water pool at the bottom of the waterfalls. It is a show that everyone should see and enjoy for free.

Mirage Casino – Las Vegas – A Volcano

The erupting volcano at the Mirage Hotel is quite the spectacle and it is also free to anyone who happens to be outside in front of the hotel at the time. It is one of the attractions that we recommend you see while in Las Vegas and it is worth a walk into the hotel as well to view the aquarium in the lobby, the pool at the back of the hotel, and the casino itself.

The Mirage Hotel and casino is one of the hotels designed and built by Steve Wynn. He went on to build Treasure Island and the Bellagio before selling it to the MGM Group and then going on to build the Wynn Casino and Hotel which is his flagship hotel and the best hotel in Las Vegas as far as the writer is concerned.

There are many things that are free in Las Vegas to see at almost every hotel. For first-time visitors, the elegance, the size, and the free shows and exhibits will take all of your time. don’t forget to go for a nice meal and take in a show while in Las Vegas as well. Some of these shows can be spectacular.

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