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Fashion Show Mall – Las Vegas

 20130403-081114.jpgThis picture shows the Fashion Show Mall – Las Vegas at night with the giant saucer in the foreground along the Las Vegas strip. You definitely cannot miss this landmark along the strip. It is located across the street from the Wynn  Hotel on one corner. Treasure Island or TI as it is now called is on the other corner. There are well over two hundred stores in this mall along with a food court on the third floor. It has a combination of high-end stores as well as stores for the average person. Customers should watch for sales that are on from time to time. You probably will not save a lot of money making purchases in this mall, however, you certainly can find gifts to take home to the family. This is a huge mall and has something for everyone.

Fashion Show Mall – Apple Store

Most guys are not interested in shopping, however, this is one mall that I visit every trip I  make to Las Vegas. The draw is really two stores. I like to go to the Apple Store and also to a Gadget store, called Brookstone. Both stores are worth visiting for different reasons and can take an hour or two of your time. It is a good walk as well and then I grab an inexpensive lunch at the third-floor food court which has a complete set of all of the popular fast food restaurants with the exception of Mcdonald’s.

The Fashion Show Mall was updated significantly a few years ago with the giant saucer added and a large extension added to handle more stores. During conventions, it is often quite busy and it is within easy access from many of the casinos located in the central part of the Las Vegas Strip. It is well worth the visit even if it is just for a couple of hours.

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