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Venetian at Night – Las Vegas

Venetian at NightThis picture is of the Venetian at Night in Las Vegas. You can watch people take gondola rides on the Venetian canals. They are outside as well as inside the hotel on the second level in the shopping area. There are lots to do at the Venetian. With two casinos, a shopping concourse between them, and a major shopping and restaurant area upstairs on the second level. There is also a Madame Tussaud’s wax museum to check out. This is a large complex with something over 6000 rooms. This takes into account the two towers that each house over 3000 rooms.

Venetian at Night – Attending Conferences

One of the attractions for visitors to Las Vegas is conferences and the Venetian is attached to the giant Sands Convention center. If you stay at the Venetian, hotel convention attendees can walk through the hotel and the concourse to get to their conference. This is a huge convention venue and most of the really large conventions are held here. Book early if you plan to attend one of these conventions and want to avoid taking taxis every day or renting a car.

The Venetian is located in the central strip area and is conveniently located close to the shopping center if you need to pick up a few things. There are at least five other large casinos either across the street or next door to the Venetian. This is one of the better places to stay both from a location perspective as well as a venue perspective.

There is always something to do in Las Vegas and one of them is to enjoy one of the many fine restaurants. Dine in one of the outdoor restaurants along the strip. The Venetian at Night provides a wonderful backdrop to the strip where you can dine on a really nice meal and at the same time watch the throngs of people go by. Even if you do not play the slots or the tables, there is a lot to take in when you come to Las Vegas.

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