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Mirage Casino Waterfalls – Las Vegas

Mirage Casino WaterfallsThis picture is the Mirage Casino Waterfalls – Las Vegas . A beautiful scene at the front of the hotel along the Las Vegas strip. This volcanic waterfall and tropical garden extends for an entire city block in front of the Mirage casino and is a great place for many people to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. At night, weather permitting, the volcano erupts spewing flames over 100 feet into the air in front of the hotel and thousands of people gather to watch this fantastic display. The heat from the volcano can be felt from across the street which gives it a sense of realism you may not receive from other displays.

Mirage Casino Waterfalls – Volcano

If you cannot visit a real volcano on a tropical island somewhere, go to Las Vegas. Visit the Mirage Casino and hotel to see a scaled down version of the same thing. Continuing with the theme, there is an aquarium that extends for the entire check in counter full of fish. This aquarium is so large that divers put on wet suits to get into the aquarium to clean it. They look after the many species of fish that exist in the aquarium.

The Mirage Casino and hotel is certainly a place to visit if you are just passing through or to stay at. Guests of the hotel can enjoy a wonderful pool with waterfalls and slides and a pool side restaurant. We try to have breakfast there at least once each time we visit.

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