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Facial Recognition Software at Casinos

Facial Recognition Software at CasinosRideau Carleton Raceway has introduced new software into their technology to help deal with problem gamblers. In addition, those people voluntarily want to be banned from the casino. Rideau Carleton Raceway’s slot machines are now equipped with facial recognition software at casinos they operate. As a result, this is part of a bid to help addicts bar themselves from gaming facilities. Although this is portrayed with a positive spin.  I guess it is for those who want to be banned from the casino. What about the rest of us who are on camera? Also, Hardrock casino group purchased this casino. Subsequently, there should be many improvements at this venue.

Facial Recognition Software at Casinos – Rideau Carleton

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation installed the technology at the complex. They have also installed the same technology at about two-thirds of the slots and casinos across the province of Ontario.

The Rideau Carleton Raceway technology relies on a method of “self-exclusion”. Whereby compulsive gamblers volunteer in advance to have their photos banked in the system’s database. This is in case they ever get the urge to try their luck at a casino again.

If that person returns in the future and the facial-recognition software detects them.

Over 15,000 gamblers signed up

Already, about 15,000 gamblers across Ontario have signed up. They want to restrict themselves from playing at slots or casinos, according to the OLG. Roughly 100 had signed up at Rideau Carleton Raceway to restrict their gambling before the introduction of the new software.

Can this information be misused? What about divorce situations? What about situations involving the misappropriation of funds?  As a result, the temptation by the government to use it is just too great.

We have to remember that it is the government that runs OLG. They already have a bad rap of not representing their customers very well with recent scandals of ticket-selling crooks pocketing millions by taking winning tickets from unsuspecting customers.

Can we trust them? Well, it turns out that we really do not have any choice. If you visit one of the casinos you are on their property. You are on camera. In fact, most if not all casinos have sophisticated video systems geared to catch cheaters at tables and also the slots. As a result, this should be no surprise to clients of the casinos.

Your comments about this controversial subject are welcome. Have you had yourself banned from the casino?

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