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Aquarius McDonald’s Subway

Aquarius McDonald's SubwayThe Aquarius hotel has leased space to McDonalds and Subway to serve people staying at the Aquarius Hotel or just visiting the casino.  Both have installed signs that say they do not share eating space and yet they are part of the hotel! Unfriendly notes tell you were you can sit to eat your food. How unprofessional is that? We ignored the signs and sat were we wanted to and no one really bothered us.

Aquarius McDonald’s Subway – Hotel Management

We spoke to the hotel management. They blame it on headquarters negotiating a lease that focuses on maximizing the lease income per square foot. As a result the comfort and enjoyment of their guests is jeopardized. Seems to me local management should have more control and establish a common area were anyone can sit down and enjoy the food they have purchased at either fast food outlet. This is just an irritant to guests and visitors of the hotel.

In addition the space for patrons of Subway to eat their sandwich, subs, is a long table that faces a wall. How unattractive is that? This is very bad customer treatment by the hotel and also by the fast food outlets.


Also at the time of writing this post the WiFi did not work well in McDonalds which is known for providing free WiFi. The hotel still provided free WiFi but this was the service provided by Starbucks which is no longer there. They are turning that space into a restaurant or deli or something like that. We are not sure if the WiFi will continue to operate of not. Next time we visit the Aquarius in Laughlin, we will see what the service is like and update this post for our readers.

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