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Casino roulette is a very popular game found in all casinos with table games and also on online casino as well. In addition many casinos have added slot machine style casino games that are either automated or are slaved off a main table in the casino. These slaved machines have cameras and TV screens showing the main table that is being managed by casino employees. They also can handle almost any denomination, although the higher denomination tables are usually run by casino employees to provide a more personal relationship with players on the casino floor. They provide roulette players with more opportunities to play roulette.

Types of Casino Roulette Tables

There are two main types of roulette tables in the casinos. Not all casinos will have both types and some casinos will only run one type of casino roulette, usually the American style of roulette. European roulette, which is the table shown on the picture looks like any other roulette table with one exception. This table only has one zero on the board while American roulette tables will have both a Zero and a double Zero spot on the table which decreases the odds for the players essentially increasing the take for the house.

What is the Difference to the Average Player

The difference to the average player is really only one of odds. The zero spot is known as the house number. Players can bet on this number the same as any other number, however because there is one more number that is not part of any grouping, it increases the odds slightly in favor of the house. There are 36 numbers on the table, plus one more for the zero on an European style roulette table for a total of 37 numbers and players have a 1 in 37 chance to win when betting on single numbers.

American Tables

On the American table there is the single zero and the double zero spots making 38 spots to bet on and players have a 1 in 38 chance of winning when betting on a single number. Players have a slightly worse chance of winning when playing on an American style table. Most serious players prefer to play on the European tables since they have a better chance of winning something.

This same odds difference carries through to the other best when you are betting groups of numbers. For example if you are betting colors, either black or red, you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning on a European style roulette table and a 1 in 4 chance of winning on the American table. Most North American casinos prefer the American style roulette tables for obvious reasons, although some also have the other type of table as well.

The European tables are typically only offered in gambling markets where there is a lot of competition. In markets where there is little competition, you will not find these tables since they really are not competing with anyone. I have never seen an European style roulette table in any government run casino. After all why would you improve the odds for players when you have no competition. Tthe government is trying maximize the take from their players?

Can You Beat the Casino Roulette Table

Occasionally someone will get lucky. They have a run of numbers that they have picked. They may make a lot of money with a system they have. I have seen a friend run up $300 into $16,000.  However he has only done that once in his lifetime so it is a rare event. His system was to start with $5 on 6 numbers for a total of $30 on the table. If he wins, he would double his bet. When they paid him with $1000 chips, he would hand them to his wife and keep playing. This way he would be playing with the casino’s money and take some winnings home with him. This one day he handed 16 $1000 chips to his wife and he was pretty excited to have done that. Unfortunately he has never had such a run of luck again.

Betting on single numbers pays 35 to one odds. While playing on groups of numbers pays lesser amounts depending on the quantity of numbers selected. This can be a lot of fun with players winning huge sums of money and losing huge sums of money!

As always bet with your head and not with your emotion! Play to have fun  and if you win, consider it a bonus. For more general posts about casino games, click here.


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