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Casino Windsor Hotel Deals

Casino Windsor Hotel DealsThe Harrah’s Caesar casino hotel offers great casino Windsor hotel deals to their Total Rewards customers. We are Total rewards slot car members and as we have indicated many times on this site, it is valuable to have these cards since the casino’s offer great comp’s. We were on a driving trip when my wife suggested that we give them a call to see what rate the casino might offer us for a 2 night stay at their hotel. I did not expect a lot since we have not been to this particular casino in Windsor Ontario for some time.

Casino Windsor Hotel Deals

Much to our surprise they offered us two nights free in their new tower which is attached to the casino. Basically there are two towers one on either side of the casino with a parking garage on the side away from the river. The Casino and the hotels face onto the Detroit river with a great view of down town Detroit and their towers.  We have already written a post about the hotel and the casino, their restaurants etc, so if you need more information about Harrah’s Casino hotel, we invite you  to read the post Caesars Casino Windsor.

Confusing Parking

We liked just about everything about the casino and the hotel except for the parking. Parking is free in a parking garage, however it is a long walk though the casino up and down escalators to get to the check in counter at the hotel. I suggest that you use the valet parking and let them also look after your bags. With your total rewards cards it is free anyway, although they do expect a tip of course.

Rooms are Great at this Casino Windsor Hotel

The deal was really great especially when you consider the room was free. We stayed in the new tower which was very clean and modern with a brand new flat screen TV. We had a great view of the cities of both Windsor and Detroit across the river. Although you do not spend much time in your room it is very nice to have a  nice clean room with a separate glass shower as well as a soaker tub. Everything of course is non smoking.

We walked around the area a little bit during the day time and had no problems what so ever. Three blocks away there are several coffee shops, that you can get a decent coffee etc and four blocks away is effectively down town Windsor. The area is pretty safe however it is like any downtown area, there are people around that you may want to be careful about. We would not suggest that you go walking around at night in the downtown area or down by the water.

There are many hotels in Windsor, especially along the main road from the bridge, however why would you stay over 2 miles away when you can get such a great casino Windsor hotel deal right at the casino. Not only do you have the distance to travel to get to the casino, you would also have to pay for your room, were they are often comp’d for you when you stay at the casino hotel as part of your Total Rewards package.

Get a Slot Card

We will emphasize again as we have many times. Always get a slot card and always use your card when you are playing the slots. When you receive two nights free and maybe some food or free play with the package, it is similar to winning a small jack pot! A room that costs maybe $90 plus tax per night, plus a meal and pretty soon it would add up to $250 for two nights. Why not stay free when you can and you might just get lucky and win a jackpot besides!

That’s why we use slot cards and that is why we get free rooms when we have never even visited this particular casino hotel. You cannot get a better deal than free for a casino Windsor hotel deal! Harrah’s has hotels and casinos in all of the major gambling areas in the US. Chances are that you will be able to stay for free if you gamble in one of their casinos. I look at it from the perspective that I generally have to pay for a hotel room anyway, so the money I save using my total rewards card is available for gambling and I may also win a jackpot which has happened many times. For a video of the casino Windsor, click here

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