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Hotels Near Windsor Casino

Hotels Near Windsor CasinoThere are no hotels near the Windsor Casino. They are all several miles away on the road that heads to the international bridge and the United States. The picture on the left is of the Detroit skyline taken from the steps of the entrance to the Windsor casino. It is called Caesars Windsor. This is a two-level casino with two towers, one on either side of the casino. There is also a parking garage located behind the hotel. Unfortunately, although the garage is close to the casino, it is a long walk to the check-in counter for the hotel which is in the new tower.

We have stayed in the new tower and strongly recommend this hotel. It is modern, very clean and well-appointed with everything that you can possibly need. We were very satisfied with the new tower. Although we did not stay in the older tower, it is likely of the same caliber, just perhaps a little more tired due to it being several years older.

Hotels Near Windsor Casino

We mentioned that there are no other hotels close to the Windsor casino. There are several chain motels and small hotels in Windsor, however, they are located along the main road from the international bridge which is where most traffic enters or exits the US. you can easily drive to the casino, but why bother when you can stay right there? If you come across from Detroit via the tunnel the Windsor Casino is only a few blocks from the tunnel exit. The international bridge is several miles from the hotel.

Also, you may even be able to stay for free if you have a Total Rewards card with the Harrahs chain. The Caesars hotel and casino is part of the Harrah’s chain and you can use this card to make your reservations using your slot card.

Casinos in the US

There are casinos in the US, however, there are several great advantages to staying at the hotel-casino in Windsor. There is a lot of concern about safety in Detroit. Windsor has its share of people who hang around the downtown area, however, during the day we experienced no problems and did not feel unsafe at all.

When you stay at the casino hotel, you have another advantage that other hotels near the Windsor Casino cannot offer. That is the view from a high floor in one of the towers. You can look to the North West and see a view similar to the one shown in the picture above or look to the Northeast and see a view of the river and the urban areas of Detroit and Windsor. And yes, Detroit is north of Windsor. if you do not believe me, just look at a map!

We hope this post helps you find a great deal at the Windsor casino. Stay there instead of a hotel near the Windsor casino. For more information about hotels near Windsor casino, click here.


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