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Caesars Casino Windsor

Caesars Casino Windsor¬†This is the Windsor casino in Windsor, Ontario Canada, right on the border across from the city of Detroit. There is a lot of competition now between several casinos in Detroit and this one. Since it has been taken over by Harrah’s, the casino and the hotel have been spruced up, and the comps have improved. We tried staying at the hotel a few years ago before it became part of the chain and they wanted almost $200 a night for a room. Now that they are part of the Harrah’s chain and we have a Total Rewards slot card, we get the room for free!

The official name is Caesars Windsor, and overall, this is a lovely place to stay. The rooms in the new tower are fresh and clean with the latest in amenities. We had a great view of Detroit, the river and parts of Windsor.

The following are some of the details about the hotel and the casino in Windsor, Ontario.

Caesars Casino Windsor – Slot Machines

We did not find any information about the number of slots at this casino. However, there are slots of every kind on two floors available for your pleasure of all denominations. They have many of the traditional slots as well as the newer machines that include many of the penny machines that seem to be the trend these days.

Caesars Casino Windsor – Table Games

There are blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat and pai gow poker games available at the Windsor casino. Again we could not determine how many tables there are. However, there seemed to be lots of tables available when we were there.

Caesars Casino Windsor – Restaurants

There are six areas where you can grab something to eat as part of the casino. These include the Artist Cafe, Legends Sports Bar, the Market Buffet, Neros Steakhouse, Pronto Cafe and the Taza Mediterranean Cafe. We ate in the Artists cafe and were not overwhelmed by the food or the service. Nothing wrong about it, but it did not impress us.

Caesars Casino Windsor – What We Liked

  • Variety of slot machines on two floors
  • You can drink while playing the slots or tables, but you must pay for the drinks
  • Buffet
  • Hotel rates are very reasonable, com’d if you are a Total Rewards member
  • Covered garage parking
  • Easy access from Detroit via the tunnel
  • A safe environment in the casino, hotel and parking areas
  • Great stopover point on your way to points west in the US or east in Canada

Caesars Casino Windsor – What We Did Not Like

There are no real complaints about the Caesars Windsor hotel & casino, other than the parking. If you do not want to use the valet parking service, you will have a rather long walk with your suit cases to the check-in counter.

It is a 4-star hotel in our estimation and quite adequate for our needs

Caesars Casino Windsor – Slot Player Card

They are part of the Total Rewards slot players card system. Slot members can take advantage of benefits at many Las Vegas hotels,  as well as sister hotels in Tunica, Biloxi, Laughlin, and Reno.

If you have not taken advantage of slot player cards, there are several benefits that many slot players should consider. Free or discounted rooms, the email mailing list of promotions, free or discounted meals, access to entertainment, and a tax report outlining your losses and wins for tax claim purposes. We are Harrah’s Total Rewards members, and although we have not been to this casino for many years, we were comped for the rooms while staying in the Windsor area.

Click the following link to see a short video of the Windsor Casino. Windsor Casino Hotel Deals


There is ample parking at Caesars hotel & casino in a large parking garage beside the hotel with a walk way directly into the casino on the second floor. There is no surface parking that we observed. Once in the casino, you have a long walk to the check-in counter for the hotel. If you are just going to the casino, there is no problem. We suggest you use the valet parking service if you are staying at the hotel. It is a free service and much more convenient. Parking was also free.

Directions: You can follow the signs when you get to downtown Windsor, which is probably the easiest way. If you have a GPS, just do a search for casinos, and your GPS will point the way. Access is accessible from both the 401 in Canada, the international bridge or the tunnel from Detroit. The Casino is located on Riverside drive right along the river between Windsor and Detroit.

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