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Windsor Casino Hotel Deals We just got one of the best Windsor Casino Hotel Deals ever. We belong to the Harrah’s Total Rewards slot card program which is good for over 30 properties across the US and Canada. The Caesars casino hotel in Windsor is part of this chain, so we decided to call them to see what kind of deal they could provide to us. We were traveling though Windsor and needed to stop for the night, so why not stop at a nice hotel, have dinner and play the slots a little bit before going to bed.

Well when we called and gave them our Total Rewards number, they quickly came back to us and gave us two nights free at their hotel! This was much to our surprise since we have never stayed at this particular property. although we have stayed at many other Harrah’s properties in the US. This is one of the benefits of belonging to a slot card program, particularly one that is good at over 30 properties across the US and Canada.

Windsor Casino Hotel Deals – Review

We reviewed the casino and hotel in a previous post, “Caesars Casino Windsor”, so we will not repeat all of what we covered in that post here, however we do want to mention one thing that is so far unique to Harrah’s casinos. On their slot machines, you can order all of your beverages right from the slot machine, including beer, wine, mixed drinks, juice, and coffee and have it delivered. You have to pay for any alcoholic drinks, however having this service makes it so convenient. Note that in the US most of the casinos offer free alcoholic drinks, but not in Canada.

If you are looking for a Windsor casino hotel deal, call your slot card host at the casino for reservations. If you do not have a slot host, just call the number located on the back of your Total Rewards card and select the correct property and make your reservation. Make sure you give them your Total Rewards number so they can look up your playing record and make a decision to comp you or not.

Get a Total Rewards Card

If you do not have a Total Rewards card and want a Windsor Casino hotel deal, you are going to have to make a reservation at what ever the going rate is, however there is still a chance you might get the room comp’d. before you start playing the slots or the tables, register for a Total Rewards card and then use it at all of the slots you play at. before you leave and before you check out, call your slot host and ask if they can do anything for you regarding your room or meals that you have charged to the room. Depending on your play they might comp you for your room charges. If not there is always next time and they will definitely want you back so watch your email to see what deals you may get.

Click the following link for to see a short video of theĀ  Windsor Casino.

Hotel Description

The hotel by the way was great. There are two towers and we recommend that you sty in the new tower. Ask for a view of the river and the Detroit sky line. Also use the valet parking. The parking garage is just too far away to drag your bags etc from the garage to the check in counter. You will have to navigate the casino floor. You will have to go down escalators just to get from the parking garage to the hotel check in counter.

In our minds this is the best way to get a great Windsor casino hotel deal. Why pay for a room and why pay for the Ontario 13% tax plus city tourist tax when you can stay for free. We probably saved over $200 for our two nights that we stayed at the Harrah’s Caesars Windsor casino hotel. We will definitely go back sometime this year for a another mini vacation in the Windsor area.

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