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Bellagio Water Show – Las Vegas

20130403-082325.jpgThe Bellagio Water Show – Las Vegas is shown many times a day, however it is especially beautiful at night with the water, lights and music. During the day, the show is scheduled every 30 minutes starting in the afternoon. They play really great music and the fountains perform to the beat of the music. In the mornings the system is not operated and any maintenance is completed at that time. Even the maintenance is interesting since the crew is out on the lake in boats and scuba gear, checking on everything and replacing any equipment that needs repair.

Bellagio Fountains

In the evening they add lights to the show which really makes it spectacular. There will be literally thousands of people strolling along the tree lined street and standing watching the water show at the Bellagio. We took a hundred pictures and only have these two up to show since they were really the best ones that turned out. You have to catch the fountains at just the right moment.

20130403-082541.jpgThe Bellagio was built by Steve Wynn who then sold it to the MGM group. He built the Wynn hotel down the street. These are by far the two nicest hotels in Las Vegas. Even if you are not staying at the Bellagio, it is definitely worth a walk to see them. The fountains, the indoor gardens and the pool area are truly spectacular and worth the visit. These hotels are by far the best in North America in terms of being spectacular and entertaining.  When you think about how they were created out of the desert, it is truly spectacular to see. The Bellagio on the former Dunes hotel site and the Wynn on another former hotel site that we do not recall.

These two are well worth the time it takes to walk to them and view. It is all free, there is no need to spend any money. Although of course they would like you to visit one of their dining rooms or try the casino. But that is entirely up to the tourist in Las Vegas.

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