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D.Vino at Montecarlo – Las Vegas

D.Vino at MontecarloD.Vino at Montecarlo restaurant at the Montecarlo provided the service fast. We had three of four meals which were not very good, fish smelled fishy bad smell, the pasta was not very tasty, and the pizza very bland. We complained to management, and absolutely nothing was done. It was as if they did not care, so we did not leave a tip. We felt  bad for the waiter, since it was really not his fault, but we would have really sent the wrong message if we had left a tip. We also mentioned how concerned we were about the food to the Matri d, and they did nothing so I guess we will not be back there.

D.Vino at Montecarlo – Las Vegas

On the other hand we did receive the following from the D’Vino at  Montecarlo:

  • Two nights comp’d – based on our play at the MGM group of resorts
  • One night at casino rate which was less than $100, also a really good deal
  • Seventy five dollars in free play to use in almost any slot machine
  • Twenty dollar charge- coffee, water, paper, wifi, which many of the hotels now charge and frankly we disagree with this since we do not use the services.
  • Room was ok, met all of our needs, but nothing to write home about
  • Keurig coffee great
  • Service poor – coffee , water missing, we had to order it from room service
  • Mlife service poor- one attendant meant we had to wait in line for some time
  • Fast food restaurants- McDonald’s, subway and others  makes it very easy to eat inexpensively
  • Great pool area for kids, not something we took advantage of

We have stayed at many hotels in the Las Vegas area including the Montecarlo hotel. This was one of the worst from a restaurant perspective. We certainly got good value for the cost, since we were comp’d for the rooms.

We probably will not stay here again. There are much better places to stay at in Las Vegas and will not go to the D.Vino at Montecarlo again.

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