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Akwesasne Casino Hotel RoomsAkwesasne Casino Hotel Room upgrade to a king suite is not really worth the extra money. Yes  it has a larger room, bathroom and shower. But it is essentially the same room as other regular priced king bed rooms. In addition location in the hotel means everything . Always ask for a room overlooking the parking lot facing south. Otherwise you could end up looking north towards trees and over looking the roof of the casino which is not very appealing.

We like the hotel, the casino and the room but this room for us is not worth the $30 upgrade they wanted to charge us. We also think that the rate would have been even higher. However we had a coupon which gave us the upgrade at a reduced price.

Fortunately we were able to negotiate the lower price of the room. Because we would have been a bit annoyed to pay $30 extra for this room. If you want a larger room and a slightly larger bathroom, then you may be interested in paying the $30 upgrade, but we sure do not.

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Other than that the room is very nice, clean. It has all of the modern conveniences that most people would look for in a hotel room.

One other point that might be of interest to readers is that these rooms are all located at the extreme end of the hall. While it is not a long walk, never the less for people who may have a hard time walking they may want something a bit closer to the elevator. The hotel and casino is closed on Monday and Tuesday as of 2022,07,22.

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