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Casino Free PlayCasino Free Play is another way that the casinos reward their customers based on their play at the slot machines. This is a credit they add to your slot card. It can be used as real money while playing the slots. You cannot cash in the free play. But you can cash in any winnings you might get while playing the slots using your casino free play!

How Much Can You Win With Casino Free Money

We once had received $100 in casino free play and hit a jackpot of $800. Which we cashed in of course! You do not always win like that. But you usually get 75% to 100% of your casino free play cashback from winning small jackpots! The amount you win while playing free play credit can vary a great deal. If you win a jackpot, well the sky is the limit.

On the other hand, if you win a bunch of small wins as you are playing you can expect as we indicated earlier. It will range from 50 to 75% of the amount of free play you received. The amount you win depends on the particular machine you are playing. Also whether it is in a winning cycle or not. We find that the poker machines tend to pay a little better than some of the other machines unless of course, you win a jackpot.

How To Receive Comps

Casino free play can be mailed to you as a coupon or it can just show up on your card as a surprise one day. Most casinos want you to visit the slot host and they will add the casino free play you are entitled to. You will usually have 24 hours to use it and if you do not use it you could lose it altogether. We find the best approach is to see the slot host, have the free play added to our slot card, and then use it right away!

You will also need to enter a PIN number which you must remember and use at the slot machine in order to obtain your free play.  If you forget it the slot host can reset it for you.

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