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Akwesasne Casino Hotel Lobby

Akwesasne Casino Hotel LobbyThe Akwesasne casino hotel lobby is nicely decorated in earth tones. It is just off the main entrance of the casino to your left. You encounter the check-in area initially. A little bit further on there is a lounge area to sit and wait to meet your friends or just to relax. This is where I’m sitting right now as I dictate this particular post. The only complaint I have is that it is cold at this location. It is very hot outside at the moment. I guess the air conditioning is working over time right now to keep the casino cool for their patrons.

Akwesasne Casino Hotel Lobby – Lounge area

20130711-214753.jpgThe second picture in this post is the actual  sitting area. I have noticed that in addition to the comfortable chairs and couches, there is lots of great lighting along. There is also free WiFi in this area and in fact throughout most of the casino.

The Akwesasne Hotel and casino is really well organized. They have managed to keep walking down to a minimum for folks who have a difficult time walking. Valet is at the main entrance of the casino. When you walk in you have the check in area immediately on your left, the Sticks Bar and Grille restaurant on the right and the casino immediately straight ahead. The lounge or sitting area is just past the check in counter which is where many people wait while their partner checks into the hotel.

This is a very nice place to spend one or two days relaxing and enjoying the casino. If you like swimming there is a very nice pool area. There are lots of windows to let in the sun and make it bright and cheery.

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