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Casino Free BonusCasino free bonus opportunities abound if you know how to find them and take advantage of them. Many consumers visit a resort area such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas. They book their trips through a travel agent for both flights and hotels. If you have never been to any of these areas, this is not a bad way to travel there for the first time. You get a chance to get to know the cities, the resorts, and experience everything that the resort has to offer. Even on your first trip, there are casino free bonuses that can be found.

The main way to take advantage of casino free bonus opportunities is to obtain a free casino slot card if you plan to play the slots. If you play the tables for any length of time, you can also receive bonuses from the pit boss as well. Back to the casino slot cards. They are free to sign up for and all you do is plug them in to the slot machine while you are playing slots. They keep track of your play. Based on your play, the amount you bet over time, and the length of time that you play, you will become eligible for bonuses from the casino.

Casino Free Bonus

The casino free bonus can consist of free play, meal comp’s, show comp’s, and room comp’s. It all depends on how much you play. Some of the casinos are fully automated and you can get your free bonus without needing to see a slot casino host. You build up comp’s as you play. When you decide to dine at a restaurant in the casino, and it comes time to pay, first give your slot card to the waiter and he or she will deduct whatever comp you have on your card. If you still owe money, all you need to do is to pay the rest with your credit card or charge the remainder to your room.

We always charge our meals to our room and then go see the slot host before we check out to see what they will do for us. Many times they will write off some or all of these expenses in addition to the slot comp we already received. For many people, this can be the same as winning another little jackpot. If the casino is willing to give you this slot bonus, why not take advantage of it.

Free Play Casino Bonus

Free play is another casino bonus that can be fun to get. This free play is money that is added to your slot card to be used in a slot machine. The casino adds this free play bonus based on your play. It allows players to play the slots with this money until it is used up. You cannot take the free play out in cash, but any winnings you get while playing the free play is yours to keep.

We have won $800 on occasion just from our free play. This is really a bonus in my mind. You do not always win a large amount, but often you will win the equivalent in free play which you can continue play or take it out and keep the cash.

Casino Free Bonus Rooms

Free rooms are another benefit that can be very attractive as a bonus. You can receive free rooms in two ways. The first is to see the slot host before you check out of your hotel. They will let you know if they will comp you for anything charged to your room including the cost of the room. Again it depends on how much you gamble during your stay. If you play is high enough, they will often give you a night or two free. Which can compensate for any losses that you may have experienced.

The second way to receive free rooms as a bonus is through coupons that are mailed to you. When you sign up for a slot card, typically you will give them your address as well as your email. You can receive coupons with free rooms attached from time to time. Again depending on the amount of play from your last visit. The hotels also use this approach to build visits on slow weeks. They do this when they know the hotel will not be full. This is usually when there are no conferences on or it is just a slow period.

Take advantage of casino free bonus opportunities whenever you can. At least you will get some money back from your slot play.

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