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Slot Machines in Motels in USA

Slot MachinesSlot machines in motels in the USA?  There are actually slot machines in motels, gas stations, the odd church even laundromats in some states.

As far as we can tell in general motels do not seem to encourage the placement of slot machines in their lobbies. Generally the slot machines are placed in a small or a medium room that is called a casino. In other words you will not find a slot machine near the check in counter of a motel. But you might find them located in another room that is actually designated as a casino.

Slot Machines in Hotels

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a hotel and a motel. However most hotels in places like Nevada will have Casinos associated with them. These are great places to visit. The room rates and meals are often subsidized by the gambling revenue. They are used as enticements to pull people into the casino.

Note that most casinos will have a loyalty card or otherwise known as a slot card. Which you should use at all times. They are free to sign up for. They should be inserted into the slot machine whenever you are playing the slots. These cards keep track of the amount of play , how long you have played and how much you have gambled. The Casinos use these statistics to provide benefits to their best customers or otherwise known as comp’s.

Depending on your level of play the comp’s can be quite exciting. They range from free meals to free rooms, free entertainment and even free plane tickets if you are a high roller. Any little bit helps and after all they are free to use and when you receive a free meal it is like winning a small jackpot.

Back to “are there slot machines in motels”.

You will find slot machines in some of the funniest places. First let’s differentiate between the state of Nevada and the rest of the USA. Nevada has some of the most liberal gaming laws in the nation so you are going to see slot machines in more places than you would in other states.

Most states that have casinos will limit the number and the location of the casinos, so you will not find slot machines in motels in states other than Nevada. Many are on Indian reservations or they have been given special permission to build casinos in some states. Let’s face it the state governments are hungry for cash. Having casinos in their state is an excellent way to generate this cash. They avoid someone leaving the state to gamble elsewhere.

Gambling in Nevada

Gambling in Nevada has been around for quite a few years and is the states major source of revenue. They are much more open to gaming and so you will see little mom and pop operations with a few slot machines operating. For example, walk into your local gas station or your local laundromat and you might see several slot machines.

A friend of ours even reported going to church in Las Vegas and seeing slot machines at the entrance to the church. Everyone needs money and I guess this is a way to make a little extra and we know at least this is going to a good cause.

Many corner convenience stores also will have a few slot machines in them as well in the state of Nevada. You will not find this in other states, just in Nevada.

A word of caution is in order. This is not factual, however it is generally believed that slot machines in these type of locations do not pay as well as in larger casinos. No one outside the industry really knows if the payouts are better or not in regular casinos, however this the common belief of many people we have talked to.

They are Everywhere

When you arrive at the Las Vegas airport, you will be immediately met with slot machines in the airport. Again, these are rumored to not pay well, however a friend of ours reported watching someone win a half a million dollars just prior to his flight leaving!

So there are slot machines in motels in some US states, in laundromats, in corner stores, in gas stations and even in churches. Who knows there may be other locations as well. Enjoy them and treat them as entertainment and if you happen to win, it is a real bonus.

Let us know if you have more questions that we can blog about.

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  1. we have seen a few slot machines in hotels and small food stores in nevada. I do not know who would play these machines unless it is someone who is hooked on the slot machines. You are just making the store owner rich . they will not have very good odds.

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