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Niagara FallsView Casino

The FallsView casino located in Niagara Falls , Ontario Canada is right in the middle of the historic area of Niagara Falls, within walking distance to the falls Niagara FallsView Casinoitself and all of the surrounding historical areas, shops and restaurants.

The FallsView  casino is on par with many of the Las Vegas hotels and Casinos. From a grand entrance to the hotel with shops and restaurants to the casino itself , this is one of the few first class hotels and casino in Canada. Well worth the money to visit this casino and hotel.  American visitors may find some things a bit pricey compared Niagara FallsView Casinoto American casinos. Rooms are expensive, especially if you are looking for something with a view of the falls. Drinks in the casino are pricey as well compared to US standards.

Niagara FallsView Casino

There are actually two casinos in the area. The Fallsview Casino is the most recent addition to Niagara Falls, while the older one located within Niagara Falls and also located within the city near the falls as well is still operational. We have not visited this casino in some time. Next time we go to Niagara falls we will visit it and prepare a review.

There are two areas that we do not like about the FallsView Casino. Compared to many US casinos , drinks at the casino are very expensive. They are in the $8 to $9 range for the least expensive drinks, compared to $4 and $5 when you do have to pay for then in the United States. Most casinos offer mixed drinks for free as long as you are playing at the tables or the slots. Not in Canada.

The other item we do not like about Canadian Casinos and FallsView Casino is no different, is the guards at the entrance to the casino. We agree that minors need to be restricted from entering the casino, however like the US you can do it in a much less imposing manner. We are customers and should be treated as good customers.

Other than that we have heard very good reports about the hotel. Spectacular views of the falls , both the Canadian and the American sides. Friends have stayed at this hotel and rate it very highly. We have yet to stay at this hotel. We would be glad to hear about your stay. Feel free to leave comments about the FallsView Casino , positive or negative.

Slot Machines

There are over 3000 slots and video poker machines in denominations ranging from one cent to $5.  All of your favorite games are spread throughout the spacious and luxurious casino.

Table Games

There are all of the standard table games to play while you are at the Niagara FallsView casino including Baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette and poker. The casino also runs poker tournaments from time to time as well.


There are several restaurants at the hotel including fine dining, casual and FallsView Casinoother on-site dining. Enjoy fine dining at 17 Noir and Ponte Vecchio.  For casual dining you can also enjoy the Grand Buffet, Falls Deli, Golden Lotus, Sushi & Oyster Bar, and the Noodle Bar. If you are looking for a quick bite somewhere there are many fast food outlets available. These include – Auntie Annies, Canyon Creek, Falls & Firken, The Famous, Johnny Rockets, Mama Mia’s, Quizno’s, Joes, Starbucks, Subway, Sweet Point, and Tim Hortons.

With so many restaurants in the hotel , you will not go hungry. Of course if you are looking for something different, there are numerous restaurants to choose from in downtown Las Vegas.

What We Liked

  • Variety of slot machines
  • Free entertainment at the bar located in the casino
  • Buffet
  • Hotel rates are competitively expensive
  • Covered garage parking, which is free if you play at the casino and have a slot card
  • Easy access from all highways
  • Safe environment in the casino, hotel and parking areas
  • Great stopover point on your way to the United States or spending a weekend

What We Did Not Like

There are some complaints about the FallsView hotel & casino

  • Expensive drinks while gambling
  • Hotel is expensive compared to other hotels in the area
  • Guards at the entrance to the casino are imposing unnecessarily. American casinos do a much better job of restricting minors and undesirables from the casinos in a less imposing manner.
  • It is a 4 star hotel in our estimation and quite adequate for our needs

Niagara FallsView Casino Slot Player Card

They are part of the Fallsview  slot players card system. Slot members can take advantage of benefits at the FallsView casino. Although not as lucrative as many American slot cards, patrons can still be comp’d for free rooms and meals depending on the amount of play.

If you have not taken advantage of slot player cards, there are a number of benefits that many slot players should consider. Free or discounted rooms, email mailing list of promotions, free or discounted meals, access to entertainment, and a tax report outlining your losses and wins for tax claim purposes.


There is ample parking at the FallsView hotel & casino in a large parking garage beside the hotel. There is no surface parking that we observed, although if you can find it, you can park along the street. You can access the hotel from the garage via an elevator from all levels. The parking garage is also patrolled on a regular basis and it also protects your car from the weather. Patrons of the garage who are visiting the casino and intend on playing the slots should always have a FallsView casino slot card. If you park and play , show your card at the exit to the garage and you should receive your parking for free.

Niagara FallsView Casino Directions:

The address is 6380 Fallsview Blvd., Niagara Falls, ON, L2G 7X5, Canada and you can reach the hotel by car , by bus, by air, by limo and by junket for the high rollers.

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