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Red Earth Casino California

Red Earth Casino CaliforniaThe Red Earth Casino California is at the south end of the Coachella valley in Southern California on route 86 about midway as you pass the Salton Sea. We like to visit this casino every year at least once to enjoy and afternoon or evening playing the penny slots. There is also a travel center here were you can buy gas, grab a sub from Subway and other drinks and fast food items as well as snacks. Lot’s of room for RV’s to gas up or just park for awhile┬á as well. They may even allow over night parking in their parking lot, since there really is an overly large parking lot that is perfect for RV’s.

This is a small casino with maybe 200 machines, free soft drinks, a subway, a gas station and not much more. We had a nice time here one afternoon and won a small amount of money.

Red Earth Casino California – Salton Sea

The second picture shows highway 86 and the Salton sea beyond. For more information about the Salton Sea, Click here.

20130313-184029.jpg This picture was taken from the Casino parking lot facing east towards the Salton Sea. There are no motels or hotels in the area, so if you decide to visit do not plan on staying the night. You should head back to one of the valley cities or to points south, although it will be a long drive. There are also hotels in Borego Springs about 45 minutes away.

It has never been very busy when we visited this casino usually during the day time. We are not sure about the evening hours. It is a bit out of the way with not a lot in the area. The clientele during the day are a bit rough looking. I can only imagine what it is like during the evening. It is not a place I would want to be during the evening.


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  1. we have gone to the red earth casino as well and found it a cute little place to visit once and a while. we only gamble $20 when we go and sometimes it lasts for hours when we play the pennies.

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