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Top 10 CasinosWe have been to many casinos across North American and decided to put together our list of top 10 casinos that we have visited. There is no scientific analysis of our list that we used. This is based on our favorite places to go and spend time, as well as overall ambiance, comp’s and décor. Each one has something special for us to make it into the top 10 casino list. There are other casinos near us that we go to more often. Unfortunately they did not make onto the list, simply because if we were able to go to any of these casinos on our list, we would choose them first. They are just too far away and therefore we must make a special trip to be able to enjoy their casinos and their hotels.

  • Wynn Casino – Las Vegas, NV
  • Bellagio Casino – Las Vegas, NV
  • Mirage Casino – Las Vegas, NV
  • Beau Rivage – Biloxi, MS
  • Gold Strike – Tunica, MS
  • Agua Caliente – Palm Springs, CA
  • Horseshoe Casino – Tunica, MS
  • Aquarius Casino – Laughlin, NV
  • Akwesasane Casino – Near Masena, NY
  • Balterra Casino – Florence, IN

We will outline why we like each of these casino hotels. You can refer to each one in more detail on this web site.

Top 10 Casinos – Las Vegas

Wynn Casino – Las Vegas, NV – Wynn is our favorite place to go in las Vegas. Everything about it is quality. From the casino floor, to the seats at the slots, the comp’s, the drinks, the entertainment and the rooms, this is the casino that gets the most in high marks for us. There are really great restaurants with fantastic meals and chef’s. We have stayed at this Hotel many times and it is our favorite place to stay. It is in the centre of the strip, within easy walking distance to most of the other casinos as well as shopping.

Bellagio Casino – Las Vegas, NV – with the manmade lake out front and a high class casino, the Bellagio is our 2nd favorite place to stay. Part of the Harrah’s group now, it is undergoing some changes but it still ranks high on our list. We try to have breakfast at the coffee shop at least once each time we are in Vegas overlooking the pool.  There are several restaurants to over look the lake which can be spectacular on a warm evening with the fountains on display and the background music playing.

Mirage Casino – Las Vegas, NV – from the volcano that erupts every 30 minute in the evening, the huge fish tank behind the front desk to the spectacular pool with slides and waterfalls, the Mirage is another hotel to stay at. The casino used to have a tropical garden which we enjoyed very much. Since they removed some of it, this location has dropped on our list slightly. We love going to the deli and having smoked meat sandwiches. One is large enough to share for two people.

Top 10 Casinos – Mississippi

Beau Rivage – Biloxi, MS – located on the coast in MS, this casino has everything that the Vegas casinos have along with being next to the water. Great restaurants and casino on a smaller scale. The 3rd floor sports a pool with pool side bar overlooking the ocean. A very enjoyable place to stay.

Gold Strike – Tunica, MS – for central USA, this casino provides great value in terms of room cost, restaurants, comp’s and lodging. We enjoy this location as a stop over on our way south or west of the central part of the USA. Rooms are clean, we always are comp’d for our rooms and for our food.

Horseshoe Casino – Tunica, MS – like the Goldstrike, this casino also provides great value in terms of rooms, meals and comp’s. It is located beside the Goldstrike in Tunica. This is our 2nd choice in Tunica after our 1st choice of the Goldstrike.

Top 10 Casinos –Other

Agua Caliente – Palm Springs, CA – we have never stayed at this casino, but we like to go there and sit outside having our lunch overlooking the pool. They have great entertainment and the slots are not bad either. The pool is very tropical and relaxing.

Aquarius Casino – Laughlin, NV – located on the Colorado river, they have an excellent casino, very reasonable rates and some of the best crab legs we have had in their buffet meals on Friday and Saturday nights. For $20, all you can eat buffet with crab legs and a number of other seafood dishes along with wine and beer. Pretty good deal. You are also within walking distance of 6 to 10 other casinos so need to drive your car.

Akwesasane Casino – Near Masena, NY – this casino is rapidly moving up the list in our opinion. They are busy updating the casino and adding a new hotel which will make it a 1st class facility. The buffet is excellent, prices for drinks are very reasonable and comp’s are very good as well. More to come.

Balterra Casino – Florence, IN – only have stayed once at this casino located along the Mississippi river, we found it to be very nice, although a bit isolated. We rank it high because of value, atmosphere and overall quality. Unfortunately it is too isolated from other places we like to go to rank higher.

None of the Canadian casinos made the list. Their comp’s are low, they generally do not have hotels attached to them and they pretty much seem focused on taking your money without returning much in the form of comp’, meals or entertainment. Just a money grab in our opinion.

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