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Online Casino GuideEvery month I receive an online casino news letter. It has been sent to me for many years. It has lots of links in it that take you to a variety of articles that discuss what is going on in the casino business. Like most news papers, whether they areĀ  online or traditional, they try to cater to many people who have a variety of interests. We read this online casino news letter just about every month and scan the headlines. They are interesting for the most part. But really do not have anything of interest to us that we can use as we visit various casinos around the country. There is the possible exception of the latest one which talked about what is going on in Atlantic city.

Online Casino News – Atlantic city

Three if not four casinos in Atlantic city have or are closing their doors as of Sept 1st. . These are casino hotels that are along the boardwalk in Atlantic city. They have been part of the casino scene for many years. In fact we have spent many summers visiting this area primarily because of the total package that is available in Atlantic city. For example in addition to top notch hotels and restaurants, there was also the beach along the Atlantic ocean. There is the boardwalk that runs for over ten miles. Off course there are the casinos where you can try your luck at the slot machines or the tables.

Online Casino News – Competition From Surrounding Casinos

The primary reason these hotel casinos are in trouble is that there are more and more casinos being built in surrounding states. People are spending their money at these upstate casinos instead of making the trek to Atlantic city. One of the irritants about going to Atlantic city for us was the amount of tolls that had to be paid just getting there. We paid at least $20 in tolls each way. This adds to your trip in addition to having to pay for parking at the casino parking lots. While we are not talking about a lot of money, it was seen as a money grab. It is also an irritant which combined with other casinos to go to is keeping people away.

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