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Akwesasne Casino

Akwesasne Casino We enjoy the Akwesasne Casino and the hotel. In fact this location is probably one of our favorites to go to in the area. It is clean, bright, the staff are friendly and helpful. There are more than enough slot machines of the type we like. This is by far one of the best casinos in the area to visit.

The buffet is well organized, kept clean, with excellent food. It is easy to navigate even when it is really busy. The busiest days appear to be Monday and Wednesdays. Which are considered senior days. On these days the buffet is half price and your automatically receive free play on your slot card to use in almost all of the slot machines. If you need to line up at the cashier to get some money or to cash in chips, you may want to chose your time. The lineups can belong. We will talk about this issue and one other that we think patrons should be aware of to make their visit more satisfactory.

Akwesasne Casino – Dining

As we mentioned, on Mondays and Wednesdays it is seniors day and the casino is very busy. There are long lines of people waiting to get into the buffet at lunchtime and also at supper time. Sometimes people can wait in line over half an hour. If you have a preferred slot card, you can bypass this line and enter the buffet immediately after paying with your slot card using your points.

The problem is that due to poor signage, some people in the regular line get quite upset especially if they have been waiting for over 30 minutes when they see others bypassing them. They will even try to jump the line and step in front of people even though they do not have a preferred card. This can get very uncomfortable until the staff straighten it all out. Bottom line is that if you do not have a preferred card, you cannot go in the preferred line and you just have to wait.

Akwesasne Casino – Slot Card

The slot card at the Akwesasne Casino works very well. As you rack up points, you can use them to pay for meals at any of the restaurants. The only problem is that they have combined the Winners Circle with the Cashier and now the lines are even longer than they were before due to both sets of people waiting in the same line. This has not made customers very happy, however, we hope the casino will eventually straighten it out.

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