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Online casino gamblingOnline casino gambling is a huge business. There are literally hundreds of online casino websites available to gamblers. They can gamble from their home, office, or from their smart phones. Some are offshore, while others are developed and run by the major casino companies. This site is about bonuses that are available to online casino gamblers and so we will review a couple here that may be of interest to gamblers. Regardless of how much you play, always play with your head and not your emotions.

Online casino gambling – Slot Machines Match Bonus

Most online casino gambling sites provide a slot machine match bonus that is targeted to slot machine lovers. They provide a bonus to the slot machine gambler often in US dollars. They have several rules the players must abide by in order to use the slot machine bonus. For example, one site indicated they are obligated to wager at least 25 times the bonus amount before they can withdraw the bonus. If you’re provided with a bonus of $100, that means you have to wager $2500 before you can withdraw the bonus.

All wagers that are placed on any slot machine are usually counted towards fulfilling the wagering requirement. These promotional bonuses are usually for new players. Existing players can earn promotions as well based on their play. This is certainly a lot of gambling. If you happen to hit a losing streak, it can mean that you have lost a lot of money only to receive a relatively small bonus. Play smart and stop if your session is not paying very well.

Online casino gambling – Table games match bonus

Table games also have online casino bonuses available for their players as well. Table games usually provide a lower bonus. But require a higher number of times that the bonus amount must be wagered before they can withdraw the bonus. For example, one site requested that you must wager 40 times the bonus.

These are relatively large numbers that gamblers must do in order to be able to withdraw the bonus for slot machine match bonuses and table games match bonuses. There’s no guarantee that you will have any money left after qualifying to be able to withdraw the bonus amount. If you plan on playing a lot, you can easily achieve these ratios. If you happen to hit an online slot machine that is paying, you can easily keep going until you hit the bonus level.

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