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Have you noticed a decline in slot machine payout?

Have you noticed a decline in slot machine payout?We have certainly noticed a decline in payouts from slot machines in terms of large jackpots. There have been lots of small payouts. They keep you going and playing on the casino’s money, but really not enough to stop playing and go home with. We usually go with $100 and if we win $100, we usually keep playing. We are chasing the big win over $200 or much larger. They are very difficult to get. Frankly, most people just play and lose all of the money they came with. Our question to readers, Have you noticed a decline in slot machine payout?, if so let us know.

We did a little research and found that on review boards there is a mix of comments and thoughts about this subject. Some people have won and are quite excited, while others have noticed the same trend we have. Almost everyone I talk to at the slots says they are not winning as often as they used to. We are going to see if we can find any industry stats on this subject, however, based on state requirements in Nevada for example, the casinos must may a minimum on average. This payout varies by the casino and by state.

Have you noticed a decline in slot machine payout in Your State?

Our theory is that there are a lot more small payouts than there used to be and less large payouts. The casinos can manipulate the payout tables to pay a lot more small jackpots and less large ones and still meet the payout guidelines of the state they are in.

So what you might say. Well, human nature is to continue playing when you win a small jackpot of twenty or thirty dollars. You are at the casino for the evening and you are not ready to go home yet. These small wins allow you to keep playing without using your money and you may even have the feeling that you are on a hot machine. Before you know it your wins are gone and so is the stake you started with.

The casinos are playing this psychological game and reaping the rewards by increasing their overall take from slot machines. They have been successful at changing the gaming environment from one of trying to beat the casino to being entertained by interactive games that give us thrills and excitement. More and more people feel that they had a good night if they were able to paly for a long time and were entertained even if they lost their stake.

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