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Casino Slot Payback Percentages

casino slot payback percentagesCasino slot payback percentages vary by casino, location and even within the casino across various machines. However, they all must adhere to local state or provincial regulations that govern payout rates. The minimum appears to be 85%, although some locations set it to 88%. Typically, most casinos do not go that low, preferring to remain competitive with other forms og gambling and other casinos in the area. There is a lot of pressure on casino operators to remain attractive to their customers, while at the same time paying out taxes to local governments and making a profit. The payout based on our research typically ranges from around 92% to 95%, with a few machines advertised at 99%. Overall the casino must maintain an average payout of greater than 85%, which means that some machines will be set at this level, while others will be higher.

Casino Slot Payback Percentages

In Nevada for example, the minimum required payback is set at 86%. Some machines will be set to 99%, while the majority will be much lower. Penny slots are set at the lowest which is around 90%, while dollar slots and some video poker machines such as deuces wild have the highest payback at nearly 99%.

These payback amounts are an average and if you play long enough the average will be achieved. Of course you might experience long runs of losses in the process. That is what gambling is all about. The casino and the government agencies that benefit from gambling really do not care. Over the long run they know that they will collect their share of the amounts bet in line with the payback they have set the slot machines to.

Let’s assume you are playing a twenty-five cent video poker machine that is set to 99%. You are betting a total of $1.25 per hand. If you play 20 hands per hour, your betting $25 an hour. If you play for four hours that’s $100. In theory you should have lost only $1.00 on average. Some days you will lose the entire $100, while other days you win a jackpot and go home happy. That’s how gambling works, but on average the casino will always win.

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