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New Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Buffet Open

Akwesasne Mohawk CasinoWe went to the  Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Buffet on June 30th, just one day after they re-opened in their brand new updated restaurant area. We snapped a quick picture to give readers a look at the newly revamped restaurant and buffet area. The entire restaurant and food area gets a real thumbs up. We love the decor and we love the layout of the buffet. This is a huge improvement over the previous buffet both in terms of comfort as well as the food. It is organized in a much better manner. You are not tripping over other people or waiting in line. The food continues to be excellent!

The only complaint we had was that the air conditioning was working overtime. It was overly cold in the buffet area and also in certain areas of the casino as well. We spoke to one of the managers who said they were definitely aware of the issue. Technicians were on the roof working on the problem. The casino is known to be cold with drafts in some areas. But you sure do not want that when you are trying to enjoy your meal in any of the restaurants.

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino – Updated Buffet Menu

Menus do change depending on whether you are eating on the weekend or during the week. This was a Saturday night and we found that there were lots of items on the menu, with high quality as well. The salad area and the desert area are now separated from the main food items, providing a much better traffic management flow for people to get their food. They had the standard salads, peeled shrimp, meatloaf, pork, salmon, battered fish, mashed potatoes, and gravy. There was also prime rib and turkey, along with pizza and sever Chinese dishes.

All of the food was hot and well-presented. This is definitely a thumbs up for the new buffet at the Akwesasne Casino, considering it was only their 2nd day after opening.

The Rapids restaurant which had been temporarily used for the buffet has also been converted back to its original configuration. This is a place where you can purchase fast food quickly and also sit at tables in the restaurant to enjoy your meal. Burgers, pizza, salads, muffins, etc are included in this area of the casino.

Update On the Construction of the new New Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Hotel

We also spoke to another manager who gave us an update on the status of the hotel. We could definitely see progress in the construction of the hotel. It turns out that the additional casino floor should be open in Oct – Nov time frame of 2012, while the hotel will not open until March 2013. The entire casino floor is going to be updated with new paint, wallpaper, carpets, and probably new machines. We find that they have all of the latest machines in their current casino, although they are a bit limited due to space.

New Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Buffet Schedule

We also have to congratulate the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino management team for meeting the schedule that they advertised. The construction workers should also be congratulated as well.  Many renovations of this type experience many delays, however, this private industry not only met the schedule, restaurant area was fully completed and operational on the 2nd day of operation. Not many places can boast about that kind of performance. They did a great job and deserve to be congratulated. It also bodes well for meeting the schedule that has been outlined for the other areas that are currently under construction.

Hotel Rates

The Comfort Inn is still the only place to stay near the casino. We have not confirmed if rates are still high, however, we do expect the rates to come down once the new Akwesasne Mohawk hotel opens next year. let’s keep our fingers crossed. We look forward to the hotel opening and spending a night or two at this location next year.

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