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Mirage Water landscape – Las Vegas

20130403-075938.jpgThis picture shows the Mirage Water Landscape – Las Vegas at the front of the hotel. This water landscape is a huge area covering several acres in front of the hotel. It is along the strip that includes a volcano. At night the volcano will erupt every 30 minutes. Flames belch out of the top of the volcano and run down the sides of the miniature mountain. This is a free show that really everyone can view and enjoy.

The only time that the volcano does not operate is during days when the wind is high and there is some potential for scattering the flames. These flames are so hot that you can feel the heat from across the street which is over 150 feet away. While watching the volcano erupt pay attention to the people around you and protect your wallet or purse. It is crowded and a perfect place for someone to remove something from your person.

Mirage Water landscape – Daytime

During the day this water landscape at the Mirage is a wonderful spot to enjoy and view. Thousands of people take pictures of this area every day of their friends and loved ones with the Mirage Hotel water landscape in the background. It really does make a wonderful backdrop to a picture and people will wonder if you are actually in the desert or on some tropical island somewhere.

The pool at the back of the hotel is another water landscape that guests can enjoy while lounging around the pool. Complete with a tropical paradise and waterfalls, this is another great place to visit. There is a drink service on the pool deck and there is also a bar service as well. Nothing better than lounging by the pool, enjoying the scenery, the sun, and a great tropical drink.

There is also a dolphin habitat that visitors can visit behind the pool. The volcano, the pool area, the outdoor restaurants, and the dolphin habitat are all part of the Mirage Water landscape in a tropical setting.

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