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Fantasy Springs Casino

Fantasy Springs CasinoFantasy Springs Casino, located in Palm Desert near Palm Springs just off  I10 where it intersects with highway 86. As a result it is easy to get to from all points in the valley and also from riverside.  The Fantasy Springs Casino has been upgraded since we last visited and has all of the latest slot machines that everyone is looking for. We ate at the buffet which was very nice and reasonably priced.

Fantasy Springs Casino – Competition

The Fantasy Springs Casino is competing with several other local casinos in the area. These include the Aqua Calientie casino located at Ramon road, Bob Hope drive and I10. Depending on where you are staying in the valley, these casinos can be a bit of a drive. However they are easy to get to as long as you have easy access to I10. We will be going back to both of these casinos again in the future.

We are staying in the Palm Springs area. It was about a 30 minute drive to get to this particular hotel and casino. We headed out Ramon Road to I10 and then east on I 10 until we got to the exit near I10 and 86 junctions.

Casinos in the Valley

There are between 10 and 15 casinos in the Coachella Valley. It is about midway down the valley along I10. Depending on where you’re living or vacationing in the Coachella Valley you can usually get to all of these casinos within about 30 minutes by car. Some casinos are full service casinos with restaurants and hotels while others provide gaming services only. check before you go in case you are looking for a full service casino. Fantasy Springs is a full service casino, with restaurants and a hotel for patrons to enjoy.

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  1. Deadra Leeson Says:

    The entire nation is turning into a giant casino. When everything is going to s*it, all that is left for the masses is distraction and the vacuous hope of a slot machine hit.

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