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Akwesasne Casino Hotel Complex

Akwesasne Casino HotelThe Akwesasne Casino Hotel complex is now fully completed. It provides people who are interested in going to casinos a full experience that rivals many other casinos much further away. It is located close to the US – Canada border on the US side across the river from Cornwall Ontario. Many Canadians as well as Americans go to this casino every day.

They now have a full service modern hotel, with a very nice pool, spa and exercise room. It also has conference rooms to set up meetings. They have one of the best buffet restaurants, and a la carte restaurant called Sticks. There is also a fast food area if you are in a hurry. Of course a high-end restaurant where you can celebrate your winnings.

They offer table games, over 1000 slot machines, a poker room and a bingo hall all under one roof.  All of the standard slot machines that have become popular to choose from are available. They have a high-end room as well. There is a very nice bar in the new area of the casino and all drinks are very well priced. For example a draft beer is only a $1.50 and ice cold!  You can also get a small snack at the bar of pretzels and other similar things that are free.

Akwesasne Casino Hotel – Deals

The Akwesasne casino offers a variety of deals to it’s customers such as free play, free rooms, or rooms at casino rate as well as collecting points on your slot card which can be used for a variety of things such as paying for meals or even a bridge pass for the trip back to Canada.

About the only concern we have is that during the summer it is just too cold inside the casino. They have the AC turned on high and it is literally freezing. We suggest that you wear long pants and we have seen some people even wearing jackets or sweaters inside the casino when it is 85F outside.

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