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Akwesasne Casino Hotel Administration

Akwesasne Casino Hotel AdministrationThe Akwesasne Casino Hotel is a very nice place to stay. It is brand-new, it is modern, and the people are very friendly. In fact, the hotel administration works really hard to keep their customers happy. But sometimes they just cannot do enough for some customers.

We recently stayed again at the Akwesasne casino hotel and found the service to be excellent. There was one customer who had a problem with the staff at check-in. We are not sure who was right, but the hotel definitely lost business over this confrontation.

Akwesasne Casino Hotel Administration

He had made reservations – for an AARP discount which gave him a 25% discount. He was asked to provide his AARP number which he had forgotten at home. Based on this they would not provide him with a discount. Even though it was clear that he was a senior and over 55. We felt that this was really making an issue out of something that did not need to be a problem. This particular client told me personally that he would not be coming back to this hotel.

In fact, the hotel is losing business over something as trivial as a senior discount is not good business. Not for the hotel and especially the casino where the real money is made. As a Canadian traveling in the US, all I need to do is show my driver’s license which proves that I’m over 55. All hotels that I’ve ever dealt with have excepted this ID, The Akwesasne Casino Hotel administration needs to get some of these bugs out of the system to maintain client loyalty.

The bigger picture as well is that they are going to gamble at the casino and this is where the real money is made so by discouraging this particular customer, they are not only losing money from hotel stays, they lose money from restaurant and casino spending that this particular customer will not spend in the future. The front desk needs to rethink and possibly re-educate their people so that this sort of thing does not happen in the future.

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