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Casino BonusWe continually receive casino bonus emails and frankly this is the best way to get them. Some still arrive by regular mail however if you are traveling and away from home a lot, they typically do not get to us in time to take advantage of the offers. Email is much preferred as a method to receive information about casino bonuses. You can quickly review the bonus and then decide if you want to keep it or just delete it. Of course you can also log onto your promotions account and find out what the offers are, however this takes more time etc. We are more than satisfied to receive these casino bonuses by email.

Store Casino Bonus On Your Smart Phone

There is no need to store them or take them with you when you go to the casino. They are all on your smart phone and they are on your slot card as well! Occasionally we need an offer code that must be provided in order to receive the bonus from the casino. Always keep your bonus with you on your smart phone until the date has passed or you have used the bonus.

The casino usually also has all of these bonus offers on file and will be able to provide you with the reward just by scanning your slot card.

What Are the Types of Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses include free play which is money that you can use to play on your favorite slot machine, free meals at restaurants in the casino or attached hotel, free rooms at the hotel on specified nights and much more depending on your play. If you are a heavy player expect really high casino bonuses. These can be like small jackpots for many people and sometimes you win a large jackpot on your free play, which is an extra bonus.

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