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Wynn Waterfalls – Las Vegas

Wynn WaterfallsThese mountain waterfalls at the front of the Wynn  Hotel in Las Vegas  hotel provide a beautiful backdrop for many pictures. These Wynn waterfalls also extend around the mountain. They provide beautiful restaurant settings for diners at the Wynn hotel and casino. Imagine sitting beside a quiet pool of water with a small mountain in the distance. A waterfall cascading down the side of the mountain into a lake while you enjoy your dinner in a fine dining restaurant with your partner. You can do this at the Wynn Hotel and also be entertained at the same time. This was one of the most memorable evenings we spent in Las Vegas!

Restaurants at the Wynn

The restaurant I  am describing is located just off the lobby downstairs actually under the lobby area. One night my wife and I had a really fantastic dinner in just such a setting with entertainment as well. The mountain lake was lit up with various shimmering colors. A mermaid came up out of the water along with multi colored shimmering balls to entertain us. It was truly mesmerizing. This was included with our meal and provided lots of conversation topics while we enjoyed dinner. Every hotel updates their restaurants and overall decor from time to time, so it may have changed since we were there. Check the hotels main site for updates.

If you have not visited the Wynn, I suggest you do so even if it is just to take pictures and take in the scenery at the hotel and the casino. Don’t forget the champion ship golf course at the back of the hotel as well. The 19th hole is a spectacular bar that you just have to visit even if it is just to look. Everything about the hotel speaks elegance!

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